Storage at the speed of light!?

Okay, maybe not the speed of light. As most enthusiasts are aware, SSD storage is the end all be all to consumer read / write speeds. However that may change faster than we thought.

A team led by Oxford’s Harish Bhaskaran and Wolfram Pernice of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology were able to create non-volatile photonic memory. The same way that re-writable optical media stores data, the new solution uses waveguide technology to move light from lasers to and from a germanium, tellurium and antimony (GST) alloy nano-coating.

“Implementing on-chip non-volatile photonic memories has been a long-term, yet elusive goal,” the team said. “Photonic data storage would dramatically improve performance in existing computing architectures by reducing the latencies associated with electrical memories and potentially eliminating optoelectronic conversions. Furthermore, multi-level photonic memories with random access would allow for leveraging even greater computational capability. However, photonic memories have thus far been volatile. [Our solution demonstrates] a robust, non-volatile, all-photonic memory based on phase-change materials.”

Although there are still many roadblocks to overcome with this technology, it is a huge step forward in a crucial area of computing and could lead to other optics-based hardware design.

Please visit the the published journal on this topic for further information.

Humble Monthly Subscription Service

Humble Bundle is offering a new monthly subscription of "highly curated" games, whatever that means, for $12 a month. Games will show up in your inbox every 1st Friday of the month and may include games that are not in other bundles.  Hopefully it would be worth more than $12, which they usually are all together.

 We have to give it to Humble Bundle for raising a good amount for charities, but other successful subscriptions like Loot Crate and Nerd Block offer tangible items, which are sometimes great and other times not so much. The Humble Bundles have been hit or miss for me, but when I do purchase the bundle I do feel I am getting a deal and feel a bit nice that I am donating to charities. Admittedly, I have not played half the games from Humble Bundles, but there have been gems from the past that I love having on Steam.  

Do you think the Humble Bundle Subscription worth it? I guess we will have to see...

Written by: EVGA_TimP

Winners Announced - Win an EVGA SuperNOVA 1050 GS Power Supply!!

 We would like to thank everyone who entered our EVGA SuperNOVA 1050 GS power supply contest by answering our contest questions and leaving your awesome comments.  We had a great turn out for this weeks contest and some great feedback regarding the specific way you mount your power supply.  


Now for the announcement:  We have randomly chosen our winners from all the eligible entries,  please help me in congratulating:

!!>> Marc-Olivier Bergon <<!!
!!>> Luke Craig <<!!

You are the lucky winners of the silent operating, super efficient and powerhouse EVGA SuperNOVA 1050 GS power supply!


Marc-Oliver Bergon and Luke Craig, we will be contacting you via your email address with further details.  Again, thank you to every one who left a comment and for your great feedback!  Make sure to come back and check out our new articles on gaming, events, contests, tech, and hardware!!!

The History of the Power Glove

Many gamers, no matter what generation you are from, had to get their start somewhere.  Like many, I myself started off with consoles and eventually migrated over to the PC, which for many has a lot of advantages over a console.  I myself remember hearing about the Power Glove and watching that very recognizable scene with the Power Glove in the 1989 movie: The Wizard.  Years later I got to see a real one in person at E3 which was part of the Video Game History Museum.  

Recently, I found the YouTube channel Gaming Historian which had a really informative and enlightening video of the ups and downs and the final product which was The Power Glove.  Check out the video below and let us know if you ever owned a Power Glove or any other one-off accessory for your console.  I know I can think of a few NES products I used to own myself!

World of Tanks: Update 10.0 Rubicon the creators of World Of Tanks, is getting ready to let loose their latest update for the game.  Code named Rubicon X, this update 10.0 will give players the ability to battle across a dystopian "Paris" and "Berlin" maps, in a alternate historical timeline. 

Check out the awesome trailer for the 10.0 Update below.  Also,  let us know if you are playing World of Tanks or what you think of the update trailer, in the comment section below!

Fallout 4 - S.P.E.C.I.A.L Part 4

Bethesda has released their fourth video in their S.P.E.C.I.A.L series.  In this video they they bring you an explanation on Charisma.  Continuing with the theme of the soon to be released Fallout 4 game, check out the following instructional video brought to you by the folks over at Vault-Tec where they explain the third of these defining attributes that makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L!!!!

Legacy of the Void; Reclamation

The folks over at Blizzard revealed their new trailer and a backstory to the new expansion involving the Protoss history.  This awesome trailer has not fancy CGI or battles, but instead it makes a point to drive the message of the Protoss to the viewer.  Check out the trailer below of the Protoss preparing for battle and their impending reclamation of Aiur!  More details and ability to pre-purchase can be found here!

Let us know what you think of the trailer, and if you will be picking up the new expansion, in the comment section below!