The Patriarch is making a comeback in Killing Floor 2

For those of you who have not played the original Killing Floor, the Patriarch was the original boss in the first game. In Killing Floor 2, he has been replaced by Hans. With the upcoming patch, there will be a 50% chance for either boss to spawn. Each one has different skillsets and require different strategies to take down, so it will be interesting to have to plan ahead for the unknown.

Much like the Patriarch in the original, he will run away when low on health so that he can heal himself, and fight back with a machine gun or rocket launcher. He has picked up some new tricks though. If you're hiding behind cover, he will switch to a mortar to lob the explosive over your cover. He will also stealth offensively so that he can pounce on an unsuspecting player.

2 new maps will also be added in the new patch, along with the Zed-conomy. Looks like they're also planning a new perk along with 6 weapons, but no details on that as of yet. More details can be found at

New $5 Raspberry Pi

Recently, a new $5 Raspberry Pi launched, the Raspberry Pi Zero. For $5, this thing really packs a punch. It has 512MB of RAM,  with a 1GHz Arm11 core that's supposed to be 40% faster than the Raspberry Pi 1.

The board has slimmed down a bit though as result. The Raspberry Pi Zero does not have an ethernet port. The main ports available are the MicroSD slot, mini HDMI, and 2x Micro USB. One of the USB is for power, the other is a USB OTG port. This would work well with my setup where I have a powered USB hub with a USB Wi-Fi adapter. The board itself is also physically smaller at 30mmx65mm.

GeForce Garage and How to use CNC to make custom parts

The folks over at Nvidia's Geforce Garage have released their fifth video in their informative and helpful series.  Their latest offering is a guide on How to Use CNC to Make Custom Parts.  

The tools and steps can be a bit expensive and time consuming, as we learn from the video.  But if you have the knowledge and skill to design your own custom parts, then finding a CNC machine or someone who may have one would be the next step.  You can create many custom parts and the list of possibilities is endless.  

For a full read on the GeForce Garage article click here.  Also let us know if you have ever ordered or designed your own customer parts for your system, in the comments below.

Video Game Black Friday Sales and Beyond!

With all the Black Friday sales in full swing since Thursday evening, there are a few places that are having their own Black Friday Sales all week long!  First to note is Steam, and they daily highlighted deals.  Unlike previous sales, there are no flash or daily deals, but instead its an "Exploration Sale"?  What exactly that means, well you'll just have to go.... explore!  But in seem that they do have some great deals going on.  Note worthy, would be Rocket League is 30% off, Ark: Survival Evolved is 40% off and Elite Dangerous is 67% off !!!  If you haven't already, then head over to your Steam client to check them out!!

Second sale that is currently going on is that on the Humble Bundle Store.  We all know of the Humble Bundle site, as having some good gaming bundles for an awesome price, which you can choose to donate to the site, the publishers, or to charity.  All week long for their Black Friday deals in their store, 10% of your purchase will go to support a charity of your choice, from their list of thousands!.  Some deals currently going are Child of Light for 75% off, and Anno 2070 the complete edition for 66% off!  Head over to the Humble Store to support your favorite charity and pick up some awesome deals.  

Lastly, we'd like to mention the epic deals going on via the Origin application (EA).  With their recent launch of Star Wars Battlefront and its current growing success.  The folks over at EA are having a Black Friday Sale where you can save up to 75% off select titles.  Some great deals  currently going on are:  Dragon Age: Inquisition for 50% off, and the Crysis Trilogy for 50% as well!  Head on over to check our their great deals before they are gone!

There are many many more places that are having some insane deals on games at the moment.  Why not share some of the places with us in the comment section or let us know what you bought today via Black Friday deals in your area!!!  


My Diary of Life on Ark- Day Ten

Day 10: It has been a few days since I have written, I have been very busy, I have finished up the house and even made a bed. My monkey, who I have named Munken, now stays in my "room". I talk to him a lot as he is the only sapien I have seen, and the only animal that shows concern for me. I do not think I could keep my sanity without him and his insistent chattering. I thought he would be a pet, but now he is more of a best friend to me.


The home is two stories tall, I have made a small room for myself as a bedroom. Hanging off the side of the second floor, is a stone section that I have built for a fireplace and cooking pot. Although it is dangerous to live with a fire in a wooden house, the stone room should stop any potential disasters. I do not know if it gets cold here, but the fireplace offers warmth and lets me cook with ease and safety on the inside. Starting a fire I began to cook some fish. I would need more than fish and berries to survive, I had a craving for vegetables now, and was probably lacking nutrients. I would have to find a replacement soon, I had some random seeds I had found, maybe I should start a farm.

Taking my cooked fish, I went to a window that overlooked the pond and saw fish swimming around. It was easy food and it kept me alive, but I always hated fish and wanted red meat. Sadly I thought about my dilo, and decided it might be time to find a new carnivore to help me hunt.  I needed something stronger and bigger, something that could attack and hunt effectively. I would need meat to tame it and my home made narcotic muck. Gathering my spear, bow, and the narcotic mixture, I headed down to the first floor, or the pen as I called it.

I had tamed 2 more Dodo birds. I think two were female, with darker and less extravagant colors while one was male, a bright red colored feathers. I had been collecting eggs from them, hoping for some to be fertile but no luck. They offered a good alternative to fish, which I was grateful for. I fed them berries and they happily ate them. They had no understanding of fear in the wild, I had seen one walk up to a Dilo before becoming lunch. It  was baffling how could they  survive on this island with no survival instincts, or fear. They made a mess of the pen floor, but was easy to wash as I poured water on the floor and it washed into the pond. It seems that the fish in the pond are bottom feeders, and eat the refuse from the birds.

The last thing needed was meat that fish would easily provide. Diving into the water I positioned my spear in front of me and swam toward  fish slowly, keeping me head just below water so I could catch a quick breath if I needed. I would launch the spear forward and missed many times. I had learned to keep trying and eventually I would hit one. I kept at it until I had harvested 3 fish, taking just the meat, I would be needing to tame a new carnivore. I threw the rest on the beach. Pteradons were scavengers and would come by to eat the fish's internals and heads.

I walked between the forest and beach, but keeping quiet was difficult, the ocean waves and wind helped cover my noise though. I spotted something in the distance, it looked like something was fighting but I couldn't quite make out what was fighting. I started to crawl on the ground reaching for my bow and readying a tranquilizer arrow. I painstakingly inched along until I was close enough to see what appeared to be a raptor that was eating a fresh killed Triceratops. Usually raptors hunt in packs, but this one was alone, a lucky find for me. Even better is that this one appeared to be unusually strong being able to take down a Triceratops by itself. I slowly drew an arrow, praying it found it's mark, if it didn't I would not be able to fend off a full grown raptor. It feel like slow motion as I watched the arrow gently soar through the air, finally landing its mark on it's leg. It began to run around and jump at the pain, eventually the narcotic took affect and it laid down subdued.


I slowly approached it, another arrow at the ready, it hissed and screeched at me. It would take longer to tame this than a simple Dodo or other smaller dino's. I went through the same routine of feeding it some fish and some narcotic infused meat. Luckily I had a Triceratops to harvest meat from to feed it, which I took advantage of. I looked over the raptor, figuring this would be a Utahraptor, the largest of all raptors. It never got recognition back home, as a famous movie portrayed it as the Velociraptor. The Velociraptor was only about half a meter tall, while Utahraptors were over 2 meters tall. I was very wary if it had a pack, raptors were supposed to be able to have a crude call language, but the narcotic effects might have caused him not to call out. It took nearly half the day to tame, eventually he was calm enough to let me touch him. He had a wonderful green with red feathers. Perfect for hiding and ambushing prey. I stopped feeding him narcotic meat, and he began to regain control of limbs. I made sure he was friendly the whole time. He stood up and looked at me calmly. I walked backward and it followed me. I was waiting for him to attack, but it never came. Eventually I whistled and it followed me again.

Bringing it back to the pen, it seemed like I could ride it. Hoping on its back, it barely flinched or even seemed bothered about my weight on it. Staying on the Utahraptor, was another story, the body was slender and scaly offering no friction to stay on it. I would require a saddle and harness if I was to steer and ride on top of it effectively. I went upstairs, worried if the raptor would attack the Dodo's, I left it as a test to see if I could leave them together. I quickly went to a storage chest I had built and took out all the leather I had, and began to cut it with the end of the spear. Eventually I had made a crude saddle and harness that I could use. During this process everything was quiet, but Dodo's were dumb and probably would walk up to the raptor and been dispatched easily and without a sound. Taking a deep breath in, I headed downstairs fully expecting to see feathers everywhere and a raptor munching on a new meal. To my relief, I found the raptor sitting in a corner, while the Dodo's walked around. If I kept the raptor fed, maybe he wouldn't attack any other animals in the pen, I would build a wall and gate around the raptor just to make sure.

I mounted the harness on the raptor, climbed on and attempted to ride it, It was stubborn at first, and refused to listen and tried to shake me off. I kept on though and eventually it stopped fighting when it realized it could not win. I lead him through a ravine outside the oasis, up a cliff that was overlooking the home. I could see my old thatch building on the left, that I had spent many cold and wet nights. The new wooden home on the right, a place where I could keep comfortable, and keep my tamed animals there in safety. I rubbed the feather on the raptors neck, compared to its camouflage green, the red stuck out... Red was a good name. I rode Red down the cliff back to home, where I put Red in the pen and fed it. For now I go to bed, I pray that those Dodo's would live another night.
Signed, Ark Survivor

Win an EVGA SuperNova 1300 G2 Power Supply and EVGA Sleeved Cables!!

The EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 power supply is a major power house in the EVGA power supply line up!  This power supply is 80 Plus Gold Rated, offers a fully modular interface, Japanese capacitors, high quality near silent dual ball bearing fan, 1300 watts of continuous power, and exceptional efficiency.  It also features a single, powerful +12 volt rail to maximize stability and compatibility.  Not to mention, a first class 10 year EVGA Warranty.  Designed with enthusiast needs in mind the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 power supply is the best choice to power this and next generation enthusiast computers.  You can also feel secure knowing that EVGA power supplies have a host of power protections to keep your hardware safe!   Take your system to the next level and power up with the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2!

The EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 is a beast of a power supply that would fit the needs of any enthusiast builder running multiple graphics cards or everyday power user seeking maximum efficiency.  This week, Two (2) lucky random people will be able to WIN an EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 Power Supply and a set of the EVGA Individually Sleeved Cables in the color of your choice (Black, Red, Blue, or White).  


Contest Entry (Mandatory):
1)  How many Amps on the +12V rail does the  EVGA 1300 G2 Power Supply have?
A)  105.3 Amps
B)  108.0 Amps
C)  108.3 Amps
D)  109.2 Amps

2)  List 2 of the 6 Features of the EVGA 1300 G2 Power Supply?


Contest Rules:
1)  Post one comment with the Mandatory contest entry information requested above, see example, 
2)  Multiple comments don’t qualify for extra entries,
3)  Entries will run for seven (6) days, starting November 25th, 2015 @ 6:00 PM PST and will end December 1st, 2015 @ 6: 00 PM PST
4)  Two (2) winners will be selected at random and announced on December 2nd, 2015.

Please see the example below on how to comment: 
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Winner Announced - Win an EVGA Hadron Air mini ITX case and mITX ACX CPU Cooler!!

We would like to thank everyone who entered our EVGA Hadron Air and EVGA ACX mITX CPU Cooler contest by answering our product trivia questions, and for leaving your 2nd comments on the other articles.  It is always great to hear your comments and feedback on our content here on   


Now for the announcement:  We have randomly chosen our one (1) winner from all the eligible entries and correct answers,  please help me in congratulating:

>>  Mark Dutton  <<

You are the lucky winner of an awesome new EVGA Hadron Air and EVGA ACX mITX CPU Cooler!


Mark Dutton; we will be contacting you via your email address with further details.  Again, thank you to every one who entered last weeks contest!  Make sure to come back and check out our new articles on gaming, events, contests, tech, and hardware!!!