Nvidia: Made to Game 3/3/2015 Announcement @ GDC 2015

On March 3rd, 2015 at GDC (San Francisco), Nvidia introduced Nvidia Shield!!!!  The world’s best TV experience with 4K Android; AAA game titles on Android, and a revolutionary game-streaming serviceNvidia Co-Founder & CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang stated by having 3 announcements:  a revolutionary TV, a Game Console, and a Super Computer.  Revolutionary TV:The Nvi... [More]

Win an EVGA Z97 FTW Motherboard!

This  contest is now CLOSED.  Winner will be announced on or before March 6th right here and contacted by email!Welcome to a new class of high performance motherboards with the EVGA Z97 lineup.  These platforms offer a return to greatness with a new GUI BIOS interface, reimagined power VRM that focuses on efficiency, and are loaded with features such as Intel(r) Gigabit LAN, Native ... [More]

Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2015

Its that time of the year again where all major game developers converse in one single please to show off, what they are working on, what is being released and what may be released in the future.  GDC had always been a big deal in the gaming industry and those who are not in the industry.Some really cool announcements have been made and some still to come, like:  Unreal Engine 4 is now f... [More]

The Order: 1886 Launch Trailer

The long awaited game:  The Order 1886 was released February 20th, 2015.  Developed by Ready at Dawn and released exclusively on the PlayStation 4.  A great game with amazing graphics, art style and story line.  Check out the launch trailer below and if you own a PS4, pickup a copy of the game and check it out.  Let us know if the comment section below what you think of th... [More]

Arkham Knight: "Gotham is Mine"

The final installment of the Batman series of games by WB Games and Rocksteady;  Batman: Arkham Knight.   Just released their latest game trailer, titled "Gotham is Mine"In it you get to see a bit more detail on the gameplay, graphics and list of evil villains that will fill the city of Gotham and try to take out the Batman.  Also, some small bits of the new Batmobile... [More]

Battlefield Hardline on PC

Mike Glosecki, Gameplay Systems Producer on Battlefield Hardline gave some insight on how the PC version of the game will perform and what to expect: How Stable Will the Game Be on PC?Stability has been one of the largest areas we’re focusing our attention at Visceral while developing Hardline. I think we can all agree that Battlefield 4’s stability at launch was less than stellar. In or... [More]

Rise Of the Tomb Raider

The next installment in the Tomb Raider series:  Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced by developer Crystal Dynamics.  The game will be published by Square Enix and Microsoft Studios as a co-publisher, and is set to release Holiday 2015.   The game, set in Siberia, will follow Lara Croft and Jonah Maiava through an ancient city built by the Grand Prince of Vladimir in the 13th ... [More]