Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC

The development team at Respwan Entertainment are at it again with the release of their 3rd DLC offering called:  IMC Rising.  The 3 new maps are included within the DLC and they are:Backwater- home to the ex-IMC pilot Barker introduces varying changes in elevation and wide open fields are ideal for Titan encounters.  Pilots on foot can travel underground through the grain storage f... [More]

Day 5 of EVGA's 9 Cool Days of ACX 2.0 !

It's Day 5 of the event and here we are at EVGA's gaming site. Hopefully you have all been enjoying this event and are eagerly anticipating the next day's entry for another chance to win!Comment on this post for today's entry!All comments are moderated and you can expect your comment to appear within 24 hours.In case you haven't seen it yet, here are some cool details on the new ACX 2.0 cooler tha... [More]

Game24 @ Hanger 8, Santa Monica

Nvidia held their GAME 24 Celebration of PC Gaming on September 18th.  Several events around the globe took place, Los Angeles, London, Shanghai to name a few.  There were also local satellite events a different locations, and the entire event was broadcast via a live stream on Twitch.A few of us at EVGA were fortunate to attend the Los Angeles area event which took place in Hanger 8 in ... [More]

Battlefield 4 - Final Stand Preview

.It's time for the next DLC for Battlefield 4, and also the last one it would seem.   Final Stand, as it is called will be the last DLC before the upcoming Battlefield Hardline release, coming out later this year.  Final Stand DLC will take place in the arctic landscapes of Russia, where scientist of today have been experimenting with the technology of tomorrow.  The DLC will includ... [More]

EVGA's Back to School Event-Winners Announced!!!

Thank you to all who participated during the Back to School event. Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here are the winners of this year’s event:   Prize Level 3 Play for at least TWO (2) hours or on our game servers to qualify ·         1x EVGA Z97 Classified Motherboard - $380 - Dtrippy ·      ... [More]

Destiny ("Become Legend" Live-Action Trailer)

Destiny; the most anticipated Next Generation First Person Shooter from Bungie will be officially going live on September 9th.  Only for those with a Xbox or PlayStation console, unfortunately on this date.  But rumors have spread about a possible PC release date of March 2015.  For those of us PC gamers, we will have to wait and see. This year at E3, I did have the opportunity... [More]

NVIDIA to Celebrate PC Domination!

NVIDIA has announced a Global Event to take place on September 18th @ 6PM PDT, celebrating PC Gaming.  NVIDIA along with the PC Gaming industry will hold a 24 hour long event, which will include exclusive content, developer interviews, new game reveals, give-aways, and much more. There will be physical event locations held in Los Angeles (California), Shanghai (China), Stockholm (Sweden)... [More]