EVGA High Performance Memory; MicroCenter Exclusive!

EVGA Superclocked and SSC high performance memory is designed to provide excellent performance for the power user. Using carefully selected chips, optimal timings, a black PCB and specially designed heat spreader – these modules deliver an unbeatable combination of price and performance. Available EXCLUSIVELY at Micro Center!

The new EVGA Superclocked and SSC higher performance memory will be released in both DDR3 and DDR4 offerings.  Check out the EVGA memory Spec Chart here! Head over to your local MicroCenter store to check it out in person and purchase it today!


Get The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight Free!

For a limited time, get two of the most anticipated titles of the year, The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt and Batman™: Arkham Knight with a qualifying purchase of an EVGA GeForce GTX 970 or GTX 980.

Experience both The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt and Batman™: Arkham Knight the way they were meant to be played, powered by GeForce GTX GPUs and NVIDIA GameWorks™ technologies like Hairworks and NVIDIA PhysX™.

With a qualifying purchase of an EVGA GTX 960, get The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt and discover new levels of realism!

*Valid only with the purchase of a qualifying EVGA product model listed below while supplies last and the product must be purchased from EVGA.com on or after May 5th, 2015. Qualifying GTX 970 and 980 purchases recieve both The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt and Batman™: Arkham Knight free. Qualifying GTX 960 purchases receive a copy of The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt free

For more information and details on the new promotion which just launched today, click >>Here<<!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where do I get my promotion code, if I did not buy my graphics card from the EVGA.com online store?
A. Since this is an NVIDIA sponsored promotion, if you purchased your card from a participating retailer, then they would provide you with a promotion code.

Q: I got my promotion code, now what do I do?
A: You will have to redeem your promotion on the Geforce website here: https://redeem.geforce.com/en-us/

Q: Are there an unlimited number of promotion codes available?
A: No, This offer is available for a limited time or while supplies last.

Win an EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 Power Supply!


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The EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 power supply is a major power house in the EVGA power supply line up!  This power supply is 80 Plus Gold Rated, offers a fully modular interface, Japanese capacitors, high quality near silent dual ball bearing fan, 1300 watts of continuous power, and exceptional efficiency.  It also features a single, powerful +12 volt rail to maximize stability and compatibility.  Not to mention, a first class 10 year EVGA Warranty.  Designed with enthusiast needs in mind the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 power supply is the best choice to power this and next generation enthusiast computers.  You can also feel secure knowing that EVGA power supplies have a host of power protections to keep your hardware safe!   Take your system to the next level and power up with the EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2!

The EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 is a beast of a power supply that would fit the needs of any enthusiast builder running multiple graphics cards or everyday power user seeking maximum efficiency.  This week, Two (2) lucky random people will be able to WIN an EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 Power Supply. 

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Project CARS

All you racing simulator fans out there, its time to Start Your Engines!!  Developer and Publisher, Slightly Mad Studios brings you Project CARS.   CARS or Community Assisted Racing Simulator, is a motorsports simulation video game which will be coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U!   Set to release May 7th, 2015; the game will represent a realistic driving simulation.  

Running on the Madness game engine, which was the same engine used in the Need For Speed: Shift titles, the game adopts and improves the feature set and take advantage of so much more.  

Slightly Mad Studios is taking the "sandbox" approach to the game, which will allow the player to choose from a variety of different vehicles and their progression paths, and provides access to all the tracks and vehicles in the game, right from the start.   The game will have different racing events which will take place over a series of days, and will take the players from qualifying runs, to semi finals and finals.  All the while weather and light condition will be changing to affect the roadway and drive-ability.  

Back on June 6th, 2014, there was a confirmed 67 different drivable cars and over 52 race tracks confirmed to be included upon release or in total with their DLC package.  Along with an awesome set of driving music tracks, and compatibility with different wheels/pedals and racing simulator setups,  the game is sure to turn heads, literally!

If the awesome images and the game info were not enough to get you interested, then you will be happy to know that Project CARS will official support to use with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.  Project Morpheus; Sony's PlayStation virtual reality headset, will also be supported.  

Be sure to check out the video below for some awesome trailer footage.  Head over to the Project CARS site, should you wish to pre-order the game.   Be sure to let us know your thoughts about the game and if you will be planning on picking it up yourself, in the comment section below!

Inside Riot Games

For those who have always wanted a sneak peak at a popular video game company and see if the work place would be as fun as you think it would.  Then the team over at Riot Games have given you the chance to check out their new office located on the end of West Los Angeles, California.  Fans of the popular League of Legends, rejoice and awe in the awesome work space that is Riot Games!  You can check out their article on their move to L.A. and a few images of the interior here!  

When entering,  Rioters (Riot Game employees) and visitors are greeted by screens showing off player created art.  A giant Annie and Tibbers statue stand guard just in case!  But, not to spoil all the awesomeness of the new digs at Riot Games,  click here to check out the rest of their article and for more images!!

Let us know what you think of the new Riot Games company space?  What it what you always thought it would look like working at at video game company?  Leave a comment in the section below!

Destiny: House of Wolves and the Trails of Osiris

For those gamers our there still running through the lands of Destiny, then you will be pleased to know there is new content on the way!   Set to release on May 19th, 2015, Destiny's second expansion called:  House of Wolves will introduce new weapons and armor, new story missions, new multiplayer maps, and more!  In order to enjoy the new content, you will need to have an Expansion Pass which retails at about $34.99USD.   

One part of this new content that will be released is that of The Trails of Oiris.  Which will be a weekly PvP event, with a new game type called Elimination.  A 3v3 game event, with no respawns, which means your team will have to revive you if they can.  The more matches your team wins, the greater the reward which will include new weapons and armor!

Check out the Trails of Osiris Reveal video below, where you can get a sneak peak at the new expansion and watch an exclusive live PvP session in the new Elimination mode map.   How many of you out there are still playing Destiny?  Are you excited for the new content?  Lets us know if the comment section below!

Attack On Titan (Live-Action Movie)

With the popularity of Anime becoming more and more mainstream, such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, and more recently Sword Art Online.  The fact that many of these anime have crossed over from being Manga, to Anime, to Cosplay,  to Video games, and now many becoming Live-Action movies.  The popularity and exposure that they get is becoming more and more relevant to pop culture today.   

One example is the highly popular, Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), in which giant humanoid creatures called Titans, nearly wipe out humanity.  The remaining population take refuge in a concentric 3 walled city with massively high walls.  By comparison a Titan can reach up to 200 Feet in height.  The story begins, 100 years after the first attack, where these Titans appear once again to try and destroy of what remains of humanity.  

Attack On Titan, has been so popular as a Manga, that transformed into an Anime series which was also very popular.  Its had a few video game releases in the past,  and one upcoming release was just announce today May 1st, 2015 by a local California based publisher; Atlus.  They will be releasing Attack on Titan:  Humanity in Chain on May 12th, exclusively for the  Nintendo 3DS.  

Beyond the release of video games, there have been limited runs of attractions in Japan.  Like their Attack on Titan display at Universal Studios Japan.  Where they have life sized character displays of the heroes, and a display of actual life sized Titans in the theme park.  

For a few years now, there were rumors about a live-action anime or even a live-action movie about the Attack on Titan series.  These rumors were put to rest and the live-action movie was confirmed in development.  You can see the official trailer for the Attack on Titan movie below.   Let us know what you think about Anime reaching the big screen in a movie format?  Also, let us know what your favorite anime is in the comments down below!!