Getting to Know M.2

A lot of people, myself included have been confused regarding M.2 and which ones to get because of all the different types available. Here I will explain what you need to know so that you can choose the right M.2 card for your motherboard.

The first thing you will want to look at is which key your M.2 slot is. There are keys A through M, with B, E, and M being the most popular ones. Each key has a general use, for example: E Is usually used for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cards.

Key M is really popular with storage because it can use up to 4 PCIe lanes where others run on only 2. This allows for higher read/write speeds. Slots that support x4 PCIe lanes are sometimes referred to as socket 3. Socket 2 slots support x2 PCIe lanes.

There are also the physical dimensions of the card that you will want to consider. Normally this is listed with as a 4 or 5 digit number, with the first 2 digits indicating width, and the next 2 or 3 digits indicating length. For example, a 2280 card would be 22x80mm and a 22110 would be a 22x110mm.

Design an NVIDIA T-Shirt for Charity

Calling all artist, graphic designers, and art lovers out there!  Ever wanted to design a T-shirt for Nvidia?  Well you are in luck, as Nvidia GeForce and Nvidia Foundation have teamed up with and Gamechanger to offer the fans of the green team a chance to design a t-shirt that will be available for all to purchase!  100% of the sales will be going to ChamChanger, a non-profit organization that benefits the environment and children with cancer.  Making a difference in someones life and getting a awesome shirt is a win-win scenario!

What does the winner of the t-shirt design get?  Well, not only will everyone be able to purchase your design, but the contest winner will get a GeForce GTX 980 Ti and runners up will receive a GeForce GTX 960!

The contest begins...Today Oct. 12th with submissions open until October 24th.  Community voting will take place November 2nd - November 9th.  With the winning design available at from November 13th through December 3rd.  

For details on how to enter the contest, and more information head over to the Nvidia contest article here:  Good luck to all who enter!

EVGA Gaming Event: October Feast!

Rise from the dead! It's the zombie apocalypse! We don't advocate actually going outside and picking up weapons, but instead you can do so from the comfort of your own home. You can take on hordes of zombies on our Left 4 Dead servers and keep them from taking over the world! It won't be easy doing this alone, so how about inviting your friends to join you? After all, the more people defending the better your chances are at survival. Share this page on Facebook and Twitter to let them know!

You don't have to play Left 4 Dead though. There are quite a few games for you to choose from, like Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2, and many others! All of this isn't only for fun and games, though. When you sign up for the EVGA October Feast Event and log into our servers between October 16th, 2015 and October 30th, 2015, you'll qualify for some really great prizes – all just for playing! Signing up is completely free and easy for anyone, regardless of where you live. We have lots of prizes to give away, so don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to play great games and win some quality products!

Qualifying for the event is very easy if you follow these simple steps. Sign up on the EVGA October Feast page with your either your Steam ID, BF3 soldier name, BF4 soldier name, or all three if you feel like it. After that, all you have to do is log in and play anytime during October 16th, 2015 4:00 PM Pacific to October 30th, 2015 11:59:59 Pacific. 

Be sure to check out our EVGA servers, over to the right of this article if you feeling adventurous and want to try your had at a different game.  Check out our Server Stats page up at the header as well..  Also, don't forget that our servers are available for all to enjoy 24/7 and 365 days of the year!

***** All winners must email by November 20th, 2015 to claim their prize. Be sure your EVGA profile is up to date with the correct mailing address..*****

*This is a global promotion and all are welcome to participate.

EVGA How To Install a CPU

The EVGAGaming team would like to introduce a brand new series of technical videos that we will be creating for everyone from the first time builder to the high end enthusiast builder.  We will be covering many different topics from all levels. Your host in this journey will be our very own Technical Support team member, Matthew Decker, who has been building systems for some time now and has a vast array of knowledge to share with all of you.  

In this week's "How To" video, Decker will be taking you through the steps on installing your Intel CPU into your motherboard.   Featured in the video is the EVGA Z170 Classified motherboard.  The EVGA Z170 line are completely re-imagined boards. They feature a new color layout with the latest EVGA GUI BIOS that focuses on functionality that make the EVGA Z170 lineup a top choice for gamers, performance users and hardware enthusiasts alike.

So be on the look out for our upcoming videos in which we will be covering the knowledge you will need to know for building a computer, ranging from basic computer skills all the way through to the more advanced skills and features.  As Technical Support team members and computer enthusiast ourselves, we believe that having a good foundation of knowledge and skills is essential.  Make sure to leave your comments here, with your thoughts and possible suggestions on videos you would like to see us create in the future!

Killing Floor 2 Spotlight

With the revisions we are doing to our games servers, we are going to be adding Killing Floor 2. For those of you who have not played the game yet, it is a horde mode type game where you clear waves of zeds. Zeds are essentially zombies modified for combat. Each wave is harder than the last until the last wave where you fight a boss. There are currently 6 different perk classes to choose from that have different skill sets that are better suited for different situations, which encourages cooperation between teammates.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, but Tripwire considers it a very polished Beta. There are no game breaking bugs. It is considered an alpha because all of the content has not been released, so that they can better focus on the balance as they release the classes a few at a time.

The server we will be hosting is running Server Extension mod. This mod includes a kill messages, an improved scoreboard, and an RPG style perk system. With this custom perk system, you gain skill points with each level and you can choose which stats to improve or which abilities to gain. If you play on our server, you can monitor your stats on our stats page here. Feel free to drop in our server and you might even see me playing there too.

NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA just released a new cloud gaming service GeForce Now, which runs on high-end GTX powered servers and delivers 1080p 60fps to all the NVIDIA shield gaming consoles (Shield TV, Tablet, Portable) for $7.99/month. All the games are stored on the servers and are instantly available to play. Currently, 50+ game titles are available and the first 3 months are FREE! You do need 50Mbps connection to play at 1080p and 60fps, but can play with 10Mbps as well.

The service reminds me of when I converted all my hard copy games to Steam, and playing on the Shield TV with Tegra x1 processor and proprietary software which allows 3-4x faster streaming than other streaming boxes is definitely a plus. Playing games in the cloud on multiple devices, may be the gamers choice of the future as NVIDIA has promised to keep updating the cloud hardware to allow you to play the latest titles at HD resolutions for years to come.

Supported Devices:

NVIDIA Shield Android TV
 - Specs: Quad Core 64-bit, 3GB RAM, 16GB, HDMI 2.0, 4k resolution or 1080p, Gigabit Ethernet

NVIDIA Shield Tablet - Specs: ARM A15 CPU, Tegra K1, 32GB, 1920x1200, 5MP camera, MIMO Wifi

NVIDIA Shield Portable
 - Specs: Tegra 4 Quad Core, 16GB, 5" 1280x720, Bass reflex speakers

My Diary of life on Ark- Day Two

Day 2: As the cool air touched my skin, shivering I sat up opening my swollen eyes. Rubbing them, I could not get the sensation of heat to dissipate from them. I had slept horribly on the thatch floor. Making a mental note to build a bed or at least padding to sleep on tonight, I stretched knocking over my pile of spears. This would be a long day, making a mental note to hopefully build a chest to store things in. I overlooked th oasis, people would have paid a lot of money to go on vacation and see a view like this I thought, and I was trying to escape it. I went to the pile of berries I had collected throwing the smashed and spoiled berries over the side, eating what had remained.

I picked up my tools and spears, sighing as I felt my eyes burn again. My throat was dry and scratchy, I needed water before I became dehydrated. This meant I would need to risk going down to the oasis. Walking down the hill, there was a high pitched screech as a similar dino before started to run at me. Rapidly I lifted my spear and threw it at the dinosaur missing, picking another I threw it hitting the slender dinosaur killing it instantly. I sat down my heart rapidly beating it felt as though it would explode, I could feel the the blood pumping all the way up my neck and throbbing in the back of my head. I caught my breath and my heart rested, picking myself up I went to see the dino. It was like a raptor but small, there was frills around the neck. After much thinking I decided it must be a Dilophosaurus, I thought they were bigger but I guess I was wrong.

I crawled down to the bottom near the oasis, searching for the alligator. Spotting it across the way it appeared to be sunning itself, to my fortune. There was a large blue beam in the distance, that heavilly intrigued me but going there would surely mean death. I kept looking at staring at it wondering what it was. Finally takign this chance I drank enough water that I thought my stomach would burst.

Taking a huge risk, I quietly slid into the water, hoping there was fish I could catch later. To my joy and astonishment I found what look like a Coelacanth, a "living fossil" on Earth. A fish that survived unchanged for millions over years. It was definitely edible, but I wasn't hungry and it was best to preserve the fish than to out fish them.

I decided it best to leave the pool before it got too dangerous, and headed down one of the ravines in hopes to find a human or at least remnants of civilization. I feared that I would be ambushed from some sort of carnivorous dinosaur. I continued forward, with my spear pointed forward, spinning toward the direction whenever I heard a noise. Finally reaching the end I let out a sigh.

Unfortunately there was fighting between a dinosaur and a huge scorpion. Quickly I raised my spear and thrust into the scorpion killing the scorpion. I kept stabbing until I was sure that the scorpion was dead. I looked around for the other dinosaur, to find it groaning in pain. I presumed the scorpion poison must have caused it to become lethargic but not kill, due to its size. I looked at the dinosaur knowing it in a instant, that spiked backed, dwarfed legs, and armored skull could be only one dinosaur the Anklyosaurus. It was a herbivore that had no threat to me unless I enraged it. Feeling sorry for the Anklyo, I collected berries and placed it in front of the Anklyo organizing them by color. Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, and Black. I then walked to the scorpion, the meat would probably be poisoned but the leather would be useful and I butchered it for the hide. I returned to the Anklyo to find that it had eaten all the purple berries and was eating the rest without care. I took it that its favorite berry was the purple ones. I sat there awhile longer thinking, that if I could knock out the dinosaurs without them knowing and then feed them, maybe I could tame one. As the anklyo began to regain strength I left the anklyo in case it became aggressive.

I went through the ravine again, this time with less fear and much quicker. As I came back to the oasis I saw a red laser light, I ran forward as fast as I could. On the ground near the bottom was a something! I was excited that maybe it was something I could use or better something to get me to civilization. My hope diminished as I was just reaching the objects, it crumbled to the ground.

My bad luck would continue as it began to rain. I quickly collected some thatch, and ran home. I threw the thatch on the ground and the hide over it, creating a makeshift sleeping bag. I put my tools on the ground, and looked over the oasis. My hatred grew deeper. I slipped beneath the hide and thatch and closed my eyes. I wouldn't sleep well again, and it was cold.
-Ark Survivor