Flash Sales and Daily Deals Will No Longer be Seen During Steam Sale Events

According to Eurogamer.net, Steam will no longer be hosting their daily deals or flash sales during the Autumn or Winter sales.

"We'll still be highlighting your top games on the front page for 24-48 hour spans, but those products will stay at their most competitive discount, before and after being featured," Valve wrote.

"It's not a major change, but it does make the sale a lot more valuable for customers, and it allows us to build sale features that recommend your product all sale long, instead of just during its front page feature.

"For a brand new release, if you can't get approval for your best discount for the full length of the sale, that's OK and we can work on a plan for that game. But the vast majority of your catalog should be running its best discount for the duration of the sale."

Many are speculating that this will result in lower prices, but not as low as the flash sales. No official word clarifying that, so we will have to wait and see.

Plans for Zed-Conomy in Killing Floor 2

Tripwire has released a teaser page for their upcoming plans to include a market for which you can buy, sell and trade items that can be found in game. Items can range from weapon skins to masks. All of the items are purely cosmetic and do not offer any stat bonuses.

Once introduced, players can find loot during game play and can have a chance to find a box. These boxes do require a key to open which can be purchased from the Steam Market. There are 6 grades of items that can be found, and only the highest grade can be found by opening the boxes. The lower 5 grades can be found in game without having to buy anything.

Tripwire also plans on adding community designed skins to the drops as well. Much like the Steam Greenlight, they can be voted upon and the top ones will go live.

The details regarding Zed-conony can be found here:  http://killingflaoor2.com/Zedconomy/details.html

EVGA How To: EVGA ACX CPU Cooler Installation

Its time for our next instructional video in our "EVGA How To" Series.  In this video, Matthew Decker will introduce you to our EVGA ACX CPU Cooler and walk you through the simple installation steps.  

The EVGA ACX CPU Cooler was built to perform with 5 8mm heatpipes that are arranged to receive the maximum airflow, direct-touch base technology provides excellent thermal transfer,  and has a wind tunnel fin design for optimal air-flow and more.

The center section of the fins form an enclosure in front of the fan hub where air flow is at its lowest, and the edges of the fins are closed. This creates two wind tunnels that maximize airflow around the heatpipes.
And of course, the full sleek black look and PWM controlled red LED fan are the perfect match for any EVGA gaming rig! 

So if you looking for a new CPU cooler or looking to replace that stock cooler that came with your CPU, make sure to check out our How To video below on the simple installation instructions.  Our EVGA  ACX CPU cooler is available on the EVGA web store now!

Be sure to check out our EVGA How To videos and let us know what you think in our comment section below.  Also be sure to comment, like and subscribe to the TeamEVGA YouTube channel for more "EVGA How To" videos.  

Almost half of Steam users are using dual core CPUs

With a lot of us being hardware enthusiasts, our idea of what the average system is like can be really skewed. According to the latest Steam hardware survey, 48% of users are on dual core processors.

Some other interesting things to note is that 33% of users are on 1GB graphics cards.

Of the 5 most popular GPUs, two of them are Intel integrated graphics. The other 3 are the GTX 970, GTX 760, and GTX 750 Ti respectively.

95% of Steam users are on Windows. 3.49% are on OSX, with 0.95% on Linux. To put this in perspective, there are 1/3 as many Linux users on Steam as there are Mac users. The adoption rate for Linux is slowly growing as well.

76% of Steam users are on Intel processors.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void released earlier this month as a stand alone expansion. Players looking to jump right into the action would only be required to purchase this version to play Multiplayer and Legacy of the Void campaign. 

The Protoss is the narrative of this expansion. The protoss evolve on Aiur; one of many worlds the xel'naga engineered. The xel'naga conceded that their latest creation was their first of all their experiments to evolve beyond the feral constraints of baser life-forms, and gave this new species the name of "protoss," or "Firstborn."

In the early, glorious days of protoss civilization, the Conclave built magnificent arkships, self-sustaining vessels capable of supporting protoss culture through its most desperate times. Armed with legendary warriors and knowledge of aeons past, the Spear of Adun will be Hierarch Artanis's flagship in the fight against Amon.

Daily Competition

Come prove your might against participants from around the world in no-holds-barred tournaments that run once per day at specific times. Entries are open to players of all skill levels. Sign up, survive the elimination rounds, and face off against the best for ultimate dominance!

Two Player Single Base Control

Two heads are better than one: you and an ally share control over a single base to battle against two enemies in multiplayer action. Learn basic tactics from a seasoned veteran or amplify the power of a burgeoning all-star. Embody the spirit of the Archon and merge together to become a greater, unified force.

Objective Based Gameplay

Take command in a brand new game mode where you and a friend fight hosts of enemies in action-packed, objective-driven missions. Master the art of war with StarCraft legends such as Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and Hierarch Artanis, and use their unique talents to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Level up to unlock additional units and new abilities—including exclusive team powers.

Legacy of the Void brings new combat units including the Adept, Disruptor, Cyclone, Liberator, Ravenger and Lurker.

My Life for Aiur!

Aiur is the protoss homeworld, located in a star system with a single yellow star and possessing a single moon not unlike Luna. It is at least the third of the system's terrestrial planets, if not further out.

A great psionic matrix emanates from Aiur. Protoss structures and units, to a lesser extent, draw their energy from it. A nexus provides a link to this matrix, but pylons are needed to actually tap into the energy required to provide psionic energy to new colonies.

For more information on Legacy of the Void and to purchase the game please visit http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/legacy-of-the-void/

Battlefront Review Scores

Battlefront released a few days ago, and the reviews are in. Perhaps not too shockingly, the reviews are pretty bad across the board for user ratings maybe due to lack of story or single player campaign. As a Battlefield player, I still have fun playing some game modes, but I can see how some gamers find the game lacking even with some single player modes. 

With all the mixed-reviews, we have to give to DICE for making a beautiful game 10/10 for graphics! I found myself just staring at random objects during the heat of battle, and really wish there was a epic campaign to take advantage of the beauty of the Star Wars world. I bought my copy from Greenmangaming for $46, which to me is a fair price, but charging $59.99 for an expansion with an additional 16 maps is bit overpriced. What are your ratings and thoughts on Battlefront?

Metacritic  -> 3.9 / 10
Gamespot -> 6.1 / 10
Hardcore Gamer -> 3 / 5*
US Gamer -> 3.5 / 5*
Trusted Reviews -> 7 / 10*
Polygon -> 8 / 10*
Games Radar -> 4 / 5*
Game Informer -> 7.5 / 10*
IGN -> 8 / 10***

Review Scores (*critic score, not users rating)

Overwatch Beta Test Weekend Nov 20-23!

Like many, I was not fortunate to be able to get into the initial Overwatch Beta test.  It appears to have been random and those chosen may have been done a while ago.  But do not fret, we will all now get a chance to be part of the Overwatch Beta test!!!  Its been officially announced via their site and twitter accounts, that November 20-23 all account will be flagged to take part in the this weekend Beta Test!!  Full details can be found here!! 

So, get ready to meet those on the Overwatch battlefield and have an awesome weekend!!! Now, who's excited to take part in this Beta test?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Update 11/21/2015:  Appears that only a select few of the NA and Europe accounts were flagged and not ALL accounts were flagged for this weekends Beta test.  It appears that they were not fully clear on their information.  Congrats to those lucky few who were able to get into this weekends Beta test, Enjoy!