Can PC Mods Save No Man's Sky?

With the new release of No Man's Sky comes a lot of controversy. It may all come down to the fact that this game was severely over-hyped. While I enjoyed the initial gameplay and features, I could not help but feel the game was a little rough around the edges. This is where the benefits of being a PC gamer kicks in, the community has already started creating many mods for this game. We have everything from improved textures, "Instagram filter remover" and a mod to get rid of that annoying press and hold cursor. 

While modding sometimes ruins the game's integrity, I feel No Man's Sky is a game that will reap full benefits from the modding community. As of now we may be looking at the next-gen Skyrim if every falls together well. By this I mean: modding should be allowed as long as they don't plan on adding a multiplayer function. If there is a multiplayer function in the future, they need to separate single and multiplayer modes. I don't believe the developers have commented on the mods as of yet but I can see the game prosper if they fully support it. 

Here are a few mods that I have tried and enjoyed:


1. Fast Actions - This will remove the click and hold to select, making it just a single click.


2. Visual Overhaul +


3. ShutUp - 75% does not mean low...


There are plenty of other mods on multiple sites, I have just mentioned the ones that I am using. Please know that certain mods do ruin the integrity of the game by making it too easy or just straight up cheating, it is up to your video game ethics to decide. No Man's Sky's modding community is still in its infancy and I'm sure there will be endless mods to come. I hoped you guys enjoyed the article, I will be getting back to being a space pirate.

What are your thoughts on NMS modding or modding in general? Let us know down below!

 **WARNING** You are solely responsible for any and all positive or harmful effects that result in usage and implementation of the following third party mod. EVGA is not responsible for any damages incurred through end user implementation of these mod.

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