Having trouble with Titanfall?

Are you one of the players that highly anticipated the release of Titanfall? Are you plagued with server errors, disconnects and even being kicked from the lobby. Well EA has announced some known issues along with the fixes. The full article page can be found here: http://help.ea.com/uk/article/titanfall-known-issues-and-troubleshooting-information/.

Connection errors and infinite loop when trying to connect on slower internet connections
Exceedingly slow internet connections may cause an error message when trying to join a server or play your game. Some players may even get stuck in an infinite loop when trying to connect.  
Try resetting your router or modem by unplugging it from its power source for at least fifteen seconds and then plugging it back in the game.

Crashing when accepting an invitation to a match in progress while currently in a match
If you’re in the middle of a match and accept a friend’s invitation to join their match also currently in progress, your game will crash when accepting your friend’s invitation.

To solve this issue, make sure before you either inviting a friend or accepting an invitation to exit to the game lobby first.

Players randomly assigned to the IMC or Militia when starting Campaign
When starting the Titanfall Campaign, you’ll be randomly aside to one of the two-opposing forces of Titanfall, either the IMC or the Militia.

While this is by design and intentional, to complete the Campaign you must complete all the missions of the Campaign on your assigned side.

You can always join the party of a friend assigned to the opposite side to get a taste of each perspective, however personal Campaign progression is limited to your completing all missions on your game-assigned side.

Some Intel processors must install specific beta graphics drivers
PC players with specific Intel processors, specifically those with Intel Graphics, must download and install a special beta graphics driver to ensure their game runs properly

You can find this driver, along with a full list of what Intel processors the driver is compatible with, straight from Intel.

Hard-drive related installation issues
Some players are reporting installation issues with Titanfall when using a hard drive formatted FAT32. Due to file-size restrictions inherent to FAT32 systems, some of the larger files within the Titanfall installation are unable to be managed by these hard drives.To successfully install Titanfall, make sure your hard drive is formatted NTFS. You can find instructions on how to convert a hard drive partition to NTFS straight from Microsoft.

Watch_Dogs - Story Trailer

Check out the all new Story Trailer and get a deeper look into what drives Aiden Pearce. Remember, there are some things you can't walk away from.

Ubisoft has released a new video giving us more of a back story on Aiden Pearce  and whats going on in the Watch Dog game.  It's highly anticipated release date was pushed back and was then slated for late 2014.  The new release date of May 27th is a surprise and the added story trailer below is looking good.  If your up for some more Watch Dog action, check out the 14 min gameplay video as well.  Should be a great game to look out for, and here's hoping that the graphics and game got some substantial improvement with the delay. 

Available May 27th!

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Explore a vast, fantasy world at the brink of catastrophe in Dragon Age: Inquisition, a next-generation action RPG, where your choices shape and drive the experience. In this upcoming video game from BioWare, makers of Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age: Origins, you’ll make your mark in an expansive, story-driven open world filled with complex characters, challenging combat and difficult decisions.

A cataclysmic event has plunged the land of Thedas into turmoil. Dragons now darken the sky, casting a shadow of terror over a once-peaceful kingdom. Mages have broken into an all-out war against the oppressive Templars. Nations rise against one another. It falls to you to restore order as you lead the Inquisition and hunt down the agents of chaos - your choices will forever change the Dragon Age.

This new offering from BioWare will prove to be the best one yet.  A next-gen RPG running off the Frostbite 3 engine, will bring to life the surrounding and the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Character creation has been improved and you will have an endless range of options to customize your character and chose its path in game.  You moral decisions will affect how the game and story plays out and will have repercussions in the end.  

The art and sneak peeks at the game have definitely added to this game being on my top 10 most anticipated games.  The fact alone that I remember logging over 90 hours in Dragon Age: Origins, just adds to the anticipation and the countless hours that will be put into this game.  Check out the videos to learn more about the game which is slated to be released Q3 2014.  

Nosgoth: a battle between Humans and Vampires

The latest offering from Square Enix and Psyonix Studios is Nosgoth.   Nosgoth is a competitive, team-based Human versus Vampire free-to-play multiplayer experience set in the brutal fantasy world of the Legacy of Kain series.  Nosgoth is named after the fictional land in which the Legacy of Kain series is set.  It is a 3rd person team based PVP game set in this brutal fantasy world.

Both videos give you an glimpse at game play and the class make up of the game.  During the team death match video below, its even compared to Left4Dead multiplayer, which isn't bad if you enjoyed playing L4D.  If you have not done so already, I would recommend signing up for the closed or open beta, in order for you to have a chance to check it out for free!  Or if you are interested in more information, head on over their their website Here:

More on Psyonix Studios: 
Psyonix are the team developing Nosgoth. They have been working with industry leading game publishers and developers for over ten years. As experts in Unreal Engine technology and multiplayer gaming, Psyonix has been a driving force behind some of the biggest titles in the marketplace. The studio's first game was the highly successful Onslaught for Unreal Tournament 2004, a game mode Psyonix concepted and designed. Afterwards Psyonix took its experience in multiplayer and rapid gameplay development to work on such titles as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Homefront, Bulletstorm, and Mass Effect 3. The studio has grown significantly since the early 2000s and continues to specialize in game development for next-gen consoles, PC, and mobile platforms.

The Last of Us Movie

Looks like The Last of Us fans will get a wish come true and see the game come to the big screen. The script will be written by Naughty Dog's own Neil Druckmann. Evan Wells, Christophe Balestra and Bruce Straley will have some involvement with the film. No other details about casting or a plot were announced, so for the time being we get to be in suspense till further details. 

EVGA's Hadron Case Building Guide!

The EVGA Hadron mini ITX case is an impressively small and easy to handle case. It comes with a built-in 500W gold rated power supply, 3 year warranty, and enough space to slide in one power-packed NVIDIA Titan GPU. To make this case even better, the Hadron comes in two types: the Air and the Hydro, so you have the option to liquid cool your mini ITX rig if you want it or keep it air cooled. Although the Hadron is EVGA’s first case, it comes into the game as a formidable opponent in the current market with several bonuses listed earlier that other competitors may not have. If you haven’t checked out reviews already, be sure to do so when you can. The sheer size and capability of this case might inspire you to want to build a mini ITX rig, or at least show you what’s new on the market! This case allows you to cut down on space, thus granting you mobility while still allowing you to keep parts that pack a punch.

Thinking about building your own mini ITX rig or have you bought the Hadron and want some tips on putting it together? TeamEVGA has taken the time to put together this great instructional video on putting your PC together using the Hadron case, showing how easy and smooth the process can be. Check out the video below and be sure to share with your friends! If you’ve already built this rig, however, show us what you got by sharing your pictures with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages!

Batman Arkham Knight

Can I just say the trailer for Batman Arkham Knight looks EPIC!!! It also nice to see the return of Harley Quinn. The game is schedule for October 14, 2014 and is suppose to be the fourth and final installment of the Arkham series. The game is based around the return of Scarecrow, the super villain, uniting Batman's enemies in an attempt to finally kill the Dark Knight. One new gameplay feature, that hasn't been seen yet, is the introduction of the Batmobile. The Batmobile has immobilizing missiles, can be summoned at any time, smash through most objects, and can eject Batman so he can glide or grapple around Gotham. If this is truly the last game in the Arkham series it appears it's going to go out with a bang.