Show Us Your Rig and WIN!

EVGA’s is giving away a chance to win $1000 just for showing off your rig! Do you have an epic rig that you’ve meticulously picked every part for, taken the extra time to painstakingly hide cables, and arranged things to look absolutely awesome? Take some nice pictures and upload them along with your rig stats to and you can be entered in a chance to win that $1k! To be eligible to enter the drawing, you simply have to hit these four marks to qualify:

  • Have an EVGA Member Account
  • Have a completed Mods Rigs system marked for public display
  • Have a valid system image uploaded
  • Have a valid 3DMark 11 OR 3DMark Fire Strike score with link for verification


Simple enough, right? Once your rig is submitted, you’re automatically entered for a chance at the $1000 and just have to wait for the winners of the drawing to be announced. For further details, check the Mods Rigs site at: You never know, your rig might even show up at!


If you’re not interested in submitting your rig or aren’t able to build your dream rig at the moment, don’t hesitate to browse to get some ideas for future builds and check out some of EVGA’s great products. If you’re looking for more contests or drawings to participate in, head over to EVGA’s Facebook and Twitter pages to like and follow so you can be informed of future events to participate in. EVGA’s community is constantly growing and we want to keep contributing with fun contests and prizes, so join in whatever, whenever you can and be part of this great community.

EVGA PDXLan Bundle

Come visit EVGA at PDXLan in the case mod area this weekend (2/21 - 2/23) and you’ll be able to see the EVGA Hadron chassis being modded!

Now is your chance to get an EVGA Hadron and an EVGA Z87 Stinger Motherboard at the special PDXLan bundle price!  Offer valid only in the US and Canada while supplies last or when the promotion ends on 2/20/2014 at 11:59:59 PM PST.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and can’t wait to see what epic case mods the PDXLan community came up with this year!

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EVGA GeForce GTX Titan Black Launched!

Back in Black with EVGA & NVIDIA!  

GeForce GTX TITAN Black is a masterpiece in design and engineering. Evolved from the award-winning GTX TITAN, the Black edition lets you take on your most graphics-intensive games with 10% faster performance, while still retaining whisper-quiet acoustics and cool thermals.

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GeForce GTX 750 Ti & 750

The Next Generation in Power  

Step up to EVGA GeForce GTX gaming with the new GTX 750. Its powerful, ultra-efficient, next-gen architecture makes the GTX 750 the weapon of choice for serious gaming at an incredible value.

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I'm Hit's 15 Most Anticipated Games Coming 2014

I made a personal list of games to focus on for work editorials. As I filled out the list with the "why's" and noted cool unique features, I realized this might be a good list editorial for readers on lunch breaks or the like. So here we are -- and with console-love to boot?!

I'm a PC gaming stalwart through and through. But this new crop of consoles from Sony and Microsoft are not only mighty machines in their own right with plenty of service- and social-oriented features. Each system has been built using a x86 architecture, making them more like new found siblings around which hardcore PC gamers can rally.

So here we go top to bottom, starting at number #15...

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Product Spotlight - EVGA Torq X10 Laser Gaming Mouse Announced

EVGA's TORQ X10 is a premium quality mouse that many gamers will want to add to their hardware. Although it is a first among EVGA's high quality product line, with features like the Avago 9800 laser, adjustable grip sizes, weight control system, and even customizable LED colors, this mouse will easily find its place within our community of enthusiasts. The TORQ offers a high level of comfort and aesthetics all while backed with the quality that EVGA assures for its products, so rest assured that you will receive nothing but the best!

Check out some of the other awesome features you get:


  • Ambidextrous grip supporting left and right handed gamers.
  • Moveable mechanism allows for proper support of various hand sizes.
  • Avago 9800 laser provides up to 8200 DPI with up to 1000Hz polling rate.
  • Highest quality Omron switches with a lifespan of over 20 million clicks.
  • Supports up to 9 programmable buttons.
  • Fully customizable RGB LED.
  • Built in 512KB memory for profile storage.
  • Metal base provides solid construction.
  • Weight control system allowing you to customize the weight to your liking.
  • 6ft silver coated USB cable with braided surface.


  • Allows full control of the EVGA TORQ X10.
  • Designed with usability in mind.
  • Heads up display shows key settings at a glance.
  • Flexible macro and profiling system.
  • Adjustable LED color and brightness

Dying Light - 12-Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

Dying Light is a first person action survival game set to release in March 2014. Taking place 2 months after an outbreak. An open world game, lets you roam seamlessly around the world with its free running movement. The objective of the walkthrough is for the player to reach 1 off 2 air drops that hold medical supplies. The time frame of the walk though has been accelerated to show the day time and night time game play.

The day time game play is similar to that of any current zombie game, where you run around and smash their heads in. Though some situations are much harder than others and the free running skills of the game are ideal to escape situations where fighting is not an option.

The night time game play is where it is different. The undead become the hunter, and have turned to "something much more sinister." The player uses "night sense" to avoid the undead, move through the world, and survive.

There some mechanics that are reminiscent of other games. Such as Mirrors Edge free running, Dead Rising's weapon creation, and Dead island game play. Overall the night time game is what sets it apart and will have to wait until more information is released. Have a look at the 12 minute pre alpha game play walkthrough to experience the full effect in full screen mode. Check out their site for updates: