Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc (Dev Diary)

The Devs over at Bungie and Activision talk about Destiny in their first ViDoc.  They give us more details that had not been revealed at E3, GamesCon, or PAX.  Below is a brief list of features discussed in the video (which you can check out below!)
  • Social Experience in an Action game
  • Character evolves over time
  • Revealed 3 weapon system
  • Assault Style Weapons
  • "In the Moment" Weapon
  • New "Heavy Slot" Weapon
  • Campaigns
  • Raids
  • Public events
  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • Adventures for everyone
  • Supers; the raw expression of power
  • Loot System
And for those who are interested in how they came up with the Fallen Captain character and the making of the Fallen Statue :

Electronic Arts Presentation

EA gamescom press conference 2013

On August 20th, EA held their GamesCom press conference where they talked about new, up-coming titles releasing in the coming months.  The exciting lineup features triple A titles like Titanfall and Battlefield 4.  Below is a brief rundown of the some of the game titles that were presented.  For further info, check out the entire press conference here:   http://live-event.ea.com/gamescom/#

Sims 4:
  • New features in game and concentration on emotions
  • More control over how your Sim looks via a new click and drag system in the SIm creator screen
Commanded and Conquer:
  • Will be a Free live service
  • New content, Campaign mode which can be played alone or co-op
Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Open world setting
  •  You are the Inquisitor with moral choices of good and evil that will affect the game and story
  • You now have agents which you can send out and execute orders
Plant Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • You can now play as a zombie!
  • Classes include the Soldier, the All Star, the Engineer, and the Scientist
  • Boss Mode; control the Zombox (XBOX ONE exclusive) allows you control of the game as the Zomboss, RTS style!
Peggle 2:  Puzzle style game
  • Not a lot of information, just a quick video of game play
EA Sports UFC:
  • Will release Spring 2014
  • Uses the EA Sports Ignite Engine
  • Most Realistic Fighter likeness to date
Need for Speed Rivals:
  • No rules no Loyalties
  • All drive concept; blurs lines of single player, co-op, and multiplayer
  • Cops:  3 levels of progression
  • Ferrari 458 Spider back in the game after 7 year hiatus
  • Next Year is the 20th anniversary of Need for Speed
  • New game mode: Attrition
  •  You have to love the way you call your Titan :
    • "Your Titan is ready for launch.  Call it when ready!"
    • "Got it, standby for Titanfall"
  • Transition from character in/out of Titan; smooth, fluid, realistic
Flagship title for EA sports:  FIFA 14
  • FIFA on mobile devices will be free to play
  • FIFA World: free to play online pc game play for Russia and Brazil to start.
  • Listen for Captain Picard during video
  • 33 official Leagues
  • 600 authentic clubs
  • 16,000 real world players
  • Co-Op player ranked games online
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive "Legends"; players of the past will be accessible in game
  • BF4 Beta in Early October
  • "Levolution"  dynamic maps and set pieces during the game
  • Flooding, Buildings falling
  • Fire extinguisher to blind enemies
  • Car alarm to warn of incoming enemy
  • No two games are the same
  • New DLC and Early access with BF4 Premium
  • New mode discussed: Obliteration
  • 1 bomb spawns at 1 location and teams need to secure and move the bomb to the objective
  • New Amphibious vehicles
  • Oct 29 2013 release NA
  • Oct 31 2013 release EU
  • Next Gen soon after

X-Rebirth - Pre-Orders Up On Steam. Shipping in November 2013.

The grid for our X-Rebirth tracking system just lit up like a Christmas tree on the 24th of December. We've been waiting anxiously for anything X-Rebirth to resurface--especially with Chris ramping up content deliveries for Star Citizen, the most acclaimed Kickstarter success story.

Now we have a release date, pre-order options on Steam and small fleet of gameplay videos and dev diaries. Enjoy!

X-Rebirth is now available for pre-order on Steam digital download service for $44.99.

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Squads in Multiplayer??

I’m no small fan to gadgets. As you may have guessed we love them here at Gadget Review. So I’m always interested in the new toys and virtual tech Treyarch or Infinity Ward can put forth. But this time one the cooler additions is not a ballistic wonder. It’s a movement mechanic. CoD Ghost introduces sliding, which should only further play up the twitch, recoil-less, 1-man army, run and gun gameplay that has made it to beloved. Check out these two multiplayer video for a look this and armory-load more.

Thanks, Gadget Review!