Hawken - Update 0.9.6 Invasion

We haven't spent much time with Hawken lately. I was one of the biggest supporters of Adhesive Games' mechanized labor of love, back in its Alpha days. Now Hawken is all grown up with multiple mods of play and heavily flushed out marketplace for items and weapons. In fact the Invasion update highlighted here shows off the new Co-Op mode. Check it plus a quick rundown of the other changes and additions.

Thanks, PC Gamer!

Nvidia Shadowplay - 6 Reasons to Squeeze it and Hug It and... (A Love Story)

I've been debating on picking up a 3rd party capture card for years now. But Nvidia has killed that mental wrestling match dead. Who needs an expensive secondary capture card solution when we have H.264 encoders sitting unused on our glorious GTX 600 and 700 series video cards. Well they were unused, that is until Nvidia went created Shadowplay a new video capture feature that has been integrated into the new set of GeForce drivers. Version 331.65 is what you want. And here are 6 reasons why. Click here for the full article. Thanks, GadgetReview and OV3RCLR for the Tomb Raider video.