Amazon Game Studios' New Titles


There have been many new announcements lately and a weird turn of events for companies. Nvidia is doing big things in the automotive industry, Blackberry is no longer manufacturing phones and now Amazon is developing their own games. Recently Amazon has been hiring people for their Amazon Game Studios located in Irvine, California (the same city as Blizzard HQ and UCI, the best gaming college). Detroit is known for cars, Manhattan for finance and Silicone Valley for technology. Will Irvine be the new mecca for the gaming industry? There are dozens of companies in the gaming industry for software and hardware, all over Southern California including us!

For a company as well backed as Amazon, it is hard to expect them to flop. They announced 3 games recently and these 3 games are the perfect entry games. Amazon will be tackling three popular genres: MOBAs, MMORPG and Survival. Let's take a brief look at what is coming.



Breakaway will be Amazon's take on an arena-style MOBA. It is a 4 on 4 action-packed battle featuring featuring warriors of old, myth and legend. If they have done their homework on MOBAs, they will know that it is a hard genre to compete in. Even Blizzard, who is technically the godfather of MOBAs had a rough time with Heroes of the Storm. A unique feature is that they state this game is built for live-streaming. My concern here is that many games have tried implementing built in streaming and have not been too successful. The only way for a game to be successful in live-streaming is if people actually want to watch your content. I am eager to see what kind of new features they will be implementing in conjunction with Twitch. 



This title will be of huge interest to MMO fans, not often do we get something new and exciting, trust me, everyone is always hoping and searching for the next "WoW-Killer". New World is an open world sand box MMO meaning you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. These games are great since there are no set goals/quests. Based on the picture of the game it seems a little dark which is great, many MMOs nowadays feel slightly too cartoon-y. In New World you can band together with friends to build civilizations or reclaim lands. On the other hand you can set out on your own and create your story. I am definitely looking forward to more news regarding New World. Again, they boast rich social feature and Twitch integration that allow broadcasters to lead their own events and give rewards. 



Crucible will be a battle royale style fight to be the last survivor on an alien world. Actually, this game will be more like hunger game due to the fact that there will be another player that can control the environment. I'm guessing Amazon is planning on going head to head with H1Z1's King of the Kill and games such as The Culling. The main difference here is that the game will be on an alien planet and will have futuristic weapons. Personally, I would like to hope this game is H1Z1 KotK but with Overwatch-style weapons and characters. 


There are no release dates announced for any of the 3 games but I expect that we will see many new videos including gameplay in the near future. As a long-time Prime Member, I am truly excited to see how Amazon's new venture will fold out. Maybe these games will be free for Prime Members.. who knows?

Let us know what you guys think about these games! Which one are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below.



Osiris: New Dawn


Ever wonder what No Man's Sky could have been if they met all their promises? I understand that we are all weary of sandbox space games now but this one could be the one. Osiris: New Dawn is the newest space, early access game that became available on Steam yesterday. This game won PAX West 2016's Best Survival Game and PAX's Best Indie MMO awards. These accomplishments alone bring a lot of promise for Fenix Fire Entertainment's new title. 

Let's start with the best feature of this game and that is.. online multiplayer. But wait! How can they have multiplayer when NMS could not? It appears that Origin: New Dawn will be sacrificing the procedural generation of 18.4 quinitillion planets in order to make room for your friends. I'd much rather prefer to explore a single solar system with a close group of friends than spend an eternity with disfigured dinosaurs. 

Players will be able to build a thriving colony alongside their friends and defend their structures from alien species, environmental dangers and assaults from other players' colonies.



Now I would once again like to restate that this game is in early access, meaning the developers acknowledge that it is not finished yet and you will definitely be running into some bugs and glitches. If you are fine with playing an unfinished game then this looks like a great pick up. If you are expecting a polished experience then you may want to wait a while before getting this. I'd like to think of this as Rust in space and Rust does have a huge payer base. 



In regards to graphics, it is claimed to have a "light-year visual difference" with qualities being compared to AAA titles which means you will need to have some good gear. Here are the minimum and recommended requirements:

    • OS: Windows 7 | 64-bit OS
    • Processor: Intel i5 | 3.2GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 10 | 64-bit OS
    • Processor: Intel i7
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980
    • Storage: 5 GB available space

Check out the launch trailer:


Do you guys still have faith in these space exploration games? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


GTA Online: Bikers Release Date Announced


The newest DLC for Grand Theft Auto V will be released on October 4th. There has been a surprising amount of content and updates for this latest rendition of GTA. Rockstar is definitely doing their best to keep this game alive and they are doing well. GTA V: Bikers will be available as a free automatic update for PC, Xbox One and PS4. 

The Los Santos and Blaine County will be now have underground motorcycle clubs and a ton of new content. There will be new vehicles, weapons and missions. We will now also be able to use melee attacks on bikes.



See you guys on the road!


EVGA Motherboards - Then and Now

In 2005 we released our first motherboard with the nForce3 chipset. From that day we have made a huge impact on the motherboard category, our boards are for the everyday gamer, enthusiast and content creators. We've come from a yellow theme to a slick combination of black and red. We began at Athlon 64 and now we're at Broadwell-E. Come take a close look development and design transformation of EVGA boards over the last 11 years. 

2005 nForce3

This is was the first board we revealed in our venture into the motherboard market. This board support Athon 64 (Yes we used to support AMD) and Single Channel Memory. The memory dimms were placed above the CPU socket so that users could put the memory in first and avoid and with it getting in the way of all the other connections. 

2006 nForce4

I think the person who designed this board was an UCLA Bruins fan. This board supported AM2, dual channel memory and SLI!2007 e-7150

Deemed the Ultimate GPU and Motherboard solution of its day, this board had a 7 series GPU built in and supported a whopping 1333mhz of ram. 



2006 680i

"A third PCI Express graphics expansion slot making your system ready for the future"

2008 790i FTW

When I built my first computer, this was the board of my dreams but at that time Intel was too expensive for me.. This had a 775 socket and support 3-Way SLI.

2008 X58 SLI

Black PCB's were always more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. 2009 P55 FTW

The affordable successor the the LGA 775 socket which features support for LGA 1156 i5 & i7 processors.  Tons a features included over the previous mainstream generation at a price that made it available for everyone



2010 SR-2

The SR-2 was EVGA's first dual processor motherboard. This board supported 2 Xeon chips and DDR3 ram. 

2011 P67 FTW

Black and red glory! This P67 FTW had everything you need to overclock. It included triple BIOS support and 12 Phase PWM. 2012 SR-X

The SR-X was the successor to the SR-2.  The dual socket motherboard made great improvements, and introduced Mini SAS ports, 4-way SLI support, onboard Blue Tooth, and both PCI-e & Dimm disable switches.

2012 Z77 FTW

Introduced support for 3rd Generation Intel Core processors, with full PCI-e 3.0 and 4-way SLI support.  It also included the addition of a 6 pin PCI-e power connector on the board itself for multi-card stability.

2013 X79 Dark

The EVGA BIOS we know currently was first released with this board. It was a huge update to the design and functionality of our BIOS. 2014 Z97 FTW

Brand new design features and aesthetics, such as a GUI BIOS, new software interface for overclocking in the O.S., and M.2 Socket for storage.  The board also featured a new looking power delivery heatsink, in a Round barrel type design, which set it apart for its competitors.

2014 X99 Classified

The latest and greatest Enthusiast grade motherboard supporting the 2011-V3 processor, the X99 is at the top of its game.  All black PCB and neutral color scheme, with a touch of the EVGA red "E" logo for contrast.  DDR 4 Support and featuring a I/O cover for a clean looking motherboard in side any case.2015 X99 Micro2

This Micro ATX is next on my list. It has all the benefits of any top of the line X99 and comes in a compact form factor and a great price.  With many of the feature of a full size board and supports 3-way SLI with the single slot 980 Ti Kingpin graphics cards!2016 Z170 FTW

A clean and neutral looking board which would fit in any build and stand out with its features.  Has an update BIOS GUI interface and 4 DIMM sockets supporting up to 64GB of memory.  

2016 X99 FTW K

This is my favorite board because it was released on the first day I started working at EVGA.  Said to be a very reliable board, this X99 FTW K is one of the top rated boards both aesthetically and functionally. If you are looking for the crème de la crème then look no further. 


Our motherboards have come a long way from the yellow designs you saw in the first two pictures. These motherboards have become more reliable, more advanced and ultimately unique. EVGA is THE motherboard choice for enthusiast and overclockers. There are many improvements that can and will be made for the future. Our first motherboard was released in 2005 and within 11 years we have made many optimal enhancements, we hope to share our innovations with you guys for years to come!


Let us know what your thoughts are and what you would like to see in future designs in the comment section down below!


Gear Up w/ EVGA: "BULGAR " Build by MadMods PC Modding!


Case modders, PC enthusiast, PC Gamers and EVGA Fans all around; gather around as we present to you another "Gear Up with EVGA" sponsored build and featured case modder!

We would like to introduce you all to Mickee of MadMods PC Modding from the Philippines!  Selected as our "Gear up with EVGA" case mod/build for the month of April 2016 and his build named "Bulgar"

"I am from the Philippines and I have been modding for about 3 years.   It all started with a hand me down small form factor PC that I wanted to game with.  But I couldn't just simply put it in a bigger case and add a graphics card because of it's proprietary form factor.  That is when a friend told me to check out PC case modding and the rest is history!"- Mikee


"I named it BULGAR which is a Filipino urban word for revealing" - Mikee

Mickee's case mod/build "Bulgar is an open case modular test bench adventure" and will surely change you perception of a traditional test bench once we get to see the end result. A traditional case keeps all your components enclosed and worry free, but being able to add/remove a part requires some work. A traditional test bench allows the user to freely add/remove parts to expand to break down the system with ease. Mikee is taking that concept and bumping it up to the next level of awesome!

"I love PC Case modding because of the fusion between technology and art, my previous builds were not too extravagant but everything was made by hand because I do not have a CnC, 3d Printer or a laser cutter." - Mikee

 "On this mod with EVGA I am going to step out of my comfort zone, it's safe to say that it's a "semi scratch build" because I have taken out most parts of the case and that is going to make it challenging and fun at the same time." - Mikee

You can see Mikee's starting point which is his Thermaltake X71 case stripped down and currently looks nothing like what it did before.  Keeping things old school without the use of a CnC, 3D printer or laser cutter sure does sound like a challenge.  We at EVGA are excited to see the progress thus far and can't wait for the final result of "Bulgar".  

As part chosen for the "Gear Up with EVGA" program and to help along Mikee with his build,  we sent him out some of our enthusiast grade parts to assist in the creation of "Bulgar."  Check out the awesome shots taken by Mikee below:

This has just been a small insight into the "Bulgar" build log by Mikee of MadMods PC Modding!  To keep up to date with the build, make sure you check out the "Bulgar" build log on the Mod Rigs section of the EVGA Forums.  And make sure to follow Mikee and MadMods PC Modding via his FaceBook page.  


"What is the Gear Up program?" and "How do i submit my build idea?"

Well we have you covered on that end.  In our quest to see members of the EVGA community, EVGA customers and EVGA fans, bring their ideas and extreme builds to light, we started EVGA's custom case modding sponsorship program, which we like to call "Gear Up with EVGA"

Case Modders, builders, extreme enthusiasts and anyone with an awesome idea for a build that wants to take it to the next level is free to enter and submit your idea for a chance to be sponsored by EVGA via the "Gear Up with EVGA" program!

Have an awesome case mod or custom build in mind? Want a chance to be sponsored by EVGA?  Well then, head on over the the Gear Up with EVGA page to submit your entry for a chance to be sponsored! 

Urien Street Fighter V Update !


A big, bad character was released recently for Street Fighter V. Urien is the leader of the Illumati in game, he is one of the strongest characters in the story line. It's been a fair while since we have been able to use him in one of the Street Fighter games. His last appearance was in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Check out how the game used to look:


Along with this new patch we will also be getting new skins and a new way of getting Fight Money. There will now be daily quests that you can complete for additional points to unlock cosmetics. This is something that has been requested by the community for quite a bit. Street Fighter V started off pretty rough and felt a little bare at first but it seems like they are working fairly consistently to improve this rendition and I am happy to see that Capcom is actually putting in the effort to maintain their reputation.

Here is Capcom's official trailer for the release of Urien!


Time to hit the lab with Urien and get some experience! 


Samsung Takes it Up a Notch with the New 960 Pro and 960 Evo SSDs


Samsung just announced their new 960 NVMe SSDs. The 950 and 850 series were hugely popular with system builders for their reliability and performance. These newer cards will be substantially faster and will include 1TB and 2TB versions. The 960 EVO will cap at 1TB and the 960 Pro will be at a whopping 2TB. These drives will be a must have for many system builders. The sequential read speed for the 960 Pro peaks at 3,500 MB/s and the write speed will peak at 2,100 MB/s. The 960 EVO, slightly tuned down, will have a max sequential read of 3,200 MB/s and max sequential write of 1,900 Mb/s. This is a great increase from the previous model.



Now many new motherboards will support these drives. One thing you need to look out for if you are planning on upgrading is whether your motherboard supports this. You will want to make sure the the M.2 slot on your mother board is PCI-E interface. The 960 Pro is the consumer version of the SM961 and the 960 Evo will be the consumer version of the PM961. If you are interested in how the new drive compares to the previous versions please see the chart below.



Here are the MSRPs of the new models:

  • 960 Pro 2TB: $1,299
  • 960 Pro 1TB: $629
  • 960 Pro 512GB: $329
  • 960 Evo 1TB: 479
  • 960 Evo 500GB: $249
  • 960 Evo 250GB: $129

Samsung is expected to release these around October. I am definitely excited for the release of these new drives and they are certainly on my upgrade wishlist.