Nosgoth: a battle between Humans and Vampires

The latest offering from Square Enix and Psyonix Studios is Nosgoth.   Nosgoth is a competitive, team-based Human versus Vampire free-to-play multiplayer experience set in the brutal fantasy world of the Legacy of Kain series.  Nosgoth is named after the fictional land in which the Legacy of Kain series is set.  It is a 3rd person team based PVP game set in this brutal fantasy world.

Both videos give you an glimpse at game play and the class make up of the game.  During the team death match video below, its even compared to Left4Dead multiplayer, which isn't bad if you enjoyed playing L4D.  If you have not done so already, I would recommend signing up for the closed or open beta, in order for you to have a chance to check it out for free!  Or if you are interested in more information, head on over their their website Here:

More on Psyonix Studios: 
Psyonix are the team developing Nosgoth. They have been working with industry leading game publishers and developers for over ten years. As experts in Unreal Engine technology and multiplayer gaming, Psyonix has been a driving force behind some of the biggest titles in the marketplace. The studio's first game was the highly successful Onslaught for Unreal Tournament 2004, a game mode Psyonix concepted and designed. Afterwards Psyonix took its experience in multiplayer and rapid gameplay development to work on such titles as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Homefront, Bulletstorm, and Mass Effect 3. The studio has grown significantly since the early 2000s and continues to specialize in game development for next-gen consoles, PC, and mobile platforms.

Cyberpunk 2077

From the creators of The Witcher 1, 2, and 3, comes CyberPunk 2077. Though the trailer is only a couple of minutes long, it definitely action packed, is really interesting concept and leaves you wanting to know more about the game. The trailer song, just adds to the awe of the trailer. As one the top most anticipated games on my list, it promises to impress, especially with their track record on the successful Witcher franchise. There is a lot of speculation on whether it will be first person or third person shooter with RPG elements.

This is a great example of developer not trying to rush and get a game out on the shelves from the anticipated release date at the end of the trailer: "Coming: When its Ready" To check out their site and get more information check here:

Cyberpunk 2077 - Mike Pondsmith talks about Cyberpunk World

If the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer struck a chord in you and got you excited about the game. Have a look at Mike Pondsmith, the creator of Cyberpunk; pen and paper game and co-creator of CyberPunk 2077. Listen as he describes the background, his philosophy and outlook on the CyberPunk 2077 game. This will, if not already, pull you in and have the game on your must get list. To stay up to date with what's happening with the game check out:

Assassin's Creed 4 101 Trailer

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is one of the newest games from Ubisoft. Taking a new approach to the genre since the Connor Kenway line, we will be following Edward Kenway through the perils and schemes in the life of a pirate on the rough seas of the Caribbean. Along the way you'll get to experience a bit of action-packed history and meet interesting characters like Charles Vane and the infamous Blackbeard, all while collecting seaworthy men to join your pirating crew and take down the Templars.

Ubisoft has expanded gameplay options since the previous lines with further naval combat and features, treasure hunting within underwater locations, collecting a pirate crew to sing and be merry with while pillaging on the blue seas, historical swords and guns, and more background into the story of the Kenway's and the Assassin's ancient fight against the Templars. Be sure to check it out and see what happens next in this amazing story line and enjoy some epic pirate gameplay!

TitanFall: First To Fall

A few lucky gamers around the world were given a chance to actually play TitanFall which is set to release on March 2014. The video shows their first reactions to the game and game play at some of the numerous conventions and shows around the world. Check out the following video to see what they thought. If you interested in the Collector's Edition, like I am, check out the video following video with Respawn Entertainments Lead Artist, Joel Emslie:

To pre-order you PC copy of TitanFall click here

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC - First 5 Minutes

Bioshock Infinite left many of us feeling sad and yet satisfied with the ending, but Irrational Games is here with a new DLC to share more of the amazing universe they've developed with us. In the first half of this two part DLC, we will return as Booker DeWitt and dive deep into the city of Rapture in its prime with the help of Elizabeth to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. Enjoy and rediscover the life-filled Rapture before it became the desolate and terrifying city we first stepped into in this amazing series. The video above will give you a glimpse into the first 5 minutes of gameplay, but it does contain some spoilers, so be warned!

Dying Light - 12-Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

Dying Light is a first person action survival game set to release in March 2014. Taking place 2 months after an outbreak. An open world game, lets you roam seamlessly around the world with its free running movement. The objective of the walkthrough is for the player to reach 1 off 2 air drops that hold medical supplies. The time frame of the walk though has been accelerated to show the day time and night time game play.

The day time game play is similar to that of any current zombie game, where you run around and smash their heads in. Though some situations are much harder than others and the free running skills of the game are ideal to escape situations where fighting is not an option.

The night time game play is where it is different. The undead become the hunter, and have turned to "something much more sinister." The player uses "night sense" to avoid the undead, move through the world, and survive.

There some mechanics that are reminiscent of other games. Such as Mirrors Edge free running, Dead Rising's weapon creation, and Dead island game play. Overall the night time game is what sets it apart and will have to wait until more information is released. Have a look at the 12 minute pre alpha game play walkthrough to experience the full effect in full screen mode. Check out their site for updates: