Dirty Bomb Beta Is Now LIVE!

UPDATED: I was mistaken. The Dirty Bomb beta is now LIVE. Go go! Don't have a beta key? No worries. You can still sign up for one or... $40 gets you assured access to the game via Steam Early Access. 

Previous post: I had a ton of fun with the previous beta test. Sadly it only lasted a single weekend. But that is all about to change come later this week when Splash Damage goes live with another wave of testing and beta key hand-outs.

The unique Britain-based dev team is best known for Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the more recent, yet decidedly less popular BRINK which was published by Bethesda a few years back. Now the developers are back in the saddle with Dirty Bomb.

This is another class-based competitive multiplayer game focusing on completion or determent of objective completion, in a sequential order. The game is fast-paced and frenetic, so much so, hip-firing about 80-90% of time is more effective than iron-sighting a target. If it sounds a bit like Counter-Strike and ET:QW had a baby, then you're getting the idea. Additional long jumping and increased movement speed while holding smaller lighter weapons is also borrowed from older games like CS. The game also includes a few of the parkour maneuvers used in BRINK. This time though, they are not restricted to specific classes.

The Dirty Bomb closed beta test will spin up again, this Thursday/Mar 26. You need a beta key to gain access and download via Steam. To sign up you can skip over to the official website. This second video runs down some of the more advanced movement tactics. Study up and play DIRTY. 

Hey guys, if you have a key come play me and some other great EGC gamer on the ts3.evga.com TeamSpeak channel. See you there.

Star Citizied "Freebies" Co-op Free Flight Mode & All Flyable Ships Avail...

Big happenings over at Cloud Imperium Game, the hardworking dev team behind Star Citizen, one of the most ambitious titles in the industry. In the company's latest Letter from the Chairman, team leader Chris Roberts recaps a bit on the past PAX East event in Boston. But he also runs down what hopeful pilots can expect from Star Citizen 1.1. and the subsequent 1.2.

No More Arena Commander
Star Citizen 1.1 is indeed "Star Citizen!" Arena Commander is the current playable virtual flight simulator. Migrating the naming from AC to SC shows, that the playable features in 1.1 are more representative of a final product, if you will. Where we could only walk around our hangar and fly our ships in Arena Commander, Star Citizen 1.1 will feature that plus...

Multiplayer Free-Flight Mode
Test fly your ships with friends without the the competitive stress. Dare share and compare as you occupy the same space to create your own races, follow-the-leader or whatever meta-game suits you and your fellow wingmen.

New Landing Systems
New systems are receiving an additional coat of polish for manual take-off/landing and automatic or assisted take-off/landing.

New Ships
The Gladius will be the next flyable ship added in SC 1.1. Also in the update, the Retaliator will be available for boarding and oglings in your hangar. Roberts notes, "Both of these are important prototypes for the finished Star Citizen game and both move us away from a simple combat game to a broader universe to explore and interact with."

Larger Maps
Star Citizen 1.1 will also intro a new 64-bit floating point system that will CIG to push the boundaries of their current map size for larger and hopefully more immersive worlds for us to explore.

Test Fly All Flyable Ships For A Week
Whether you own them or not, all of the following ships are available for test flight.
Aurora CL
Aurora ES
Aurora LN
Aurora LX
Aurora MR
F7A Hornet
F7C Hornet
F7C-M Super Hornet
F7C-R Tracker
F7C-S Ghost
M50 Interceptor
Mustang Alpha
Mustang Beta
Mustang Delta
Mustang Gama
Mustang Omega
Cutlass Black

At the recent PAX East event the charmingly awkward Chris Roberts again took to the stage to show off an even further polished iteration of Star Marine, the new title for the first-person shooter module of Star Citizen, which is to be featured in SC1.2. 

EA Announce FREE Titanfall DLC PC, Xbox 360 & Xbox One

If you've been waiting for a good reason to dip a mechanized toe back in the bullet-riddled waters of Titanfall, the time is now! EA is offering the base game for a cool $20. Better still, all three DLC packages are completely free for a limited time. Get IMC Rising, Frontier's Edge and Expedition DLC; all you need is the base game to get going.


This deal extends across all supported platforms including Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. 


New players can gain a leg up with our handy tips and tricks for Titan pilots found here!"

TITANFALL - PC Beta Impressions and 7 Advanced Combat Tips

The Beta for Titanfall is over and WOW! We all had a blast. I ran a piece over at Gadget Review, which runs down my brief but unabashed impressions of the super fun Titanfall PC beta. I also offer some 7 slick combat tactics for Pilots both on the ground and in their massive 24ft tall Titans. The video above speaks to my #3 - "I Know Kung Fu". Number 3 explains the freedom pilots have with their jump kicks. Hint: they can be performed successfully up, down or any direction. 

These are the 7 Combat Tactics featured...

1. Titan AI

Your Titan possesses variable AI states, which you can change on the fly. You can tell it to...

2. Wall Hang

Make use of this often. To activate a wall hang, simply jump up and/or wall run up a wall and press...

3. I Know Kung Fu

The melee mechanic in Titanfall is similar to CoD. One hit equals an automatic...

4. Hacking Specters

Titanfall only supports 6 human players against another 6, effectively “6v6″. The other ...

5. Riding With Friends

We’ve seen plenty videos of how a single Pilot can “Rodeo” a Titan by leaping/climbing ...

6. Burn Cards

This is Respawn’s way of making even the most inexperienced Titan Pilot feel like he’s in Beast Mode. Burn Cards are...

7. Homeostasis Of Speed

Stay off the ground and you will be rewarded. Chaining a series of wall runs together...

Concluding Impressions

But I am still completely blown away by how exciting Titanfall is becoming. I definitely want to see more maps and...

Thanks, Respawn, EA Origin, FortySeven PR, EVGA and GadgetReview.

I'm Hit's 15 Most Anticipated Games Coming 2014

I made a personal list of games to focus on for work editorials. As I filled out the list with the "why's" and noted cool unique features, I realized this might be a good list editorial for readers on lunch breaks or the like. So here we are -- and with console-love to boot?!

I'm a PC gaming stalwart through and through. But this new crop of consoles from Sony and Microsoft are not only mighty machines in their own right with plenty of service- and social-oriented features. Each system has been built using a x86 architecture, making them more like new found siblings around which hardcore PC gamers can rally.

So here we go top to bottom, starting at number #15...

Full article here

Product Spotlight - EVGA Torq X10 Laser Gaming Mouse Announced

EVGA's TORQ X10 is a premium quality mouse that many gamers will want to add to their hardware. Although it is a first among EVGA's high quality product line, with features like the Avago 9800 laser, adjustable grip sizes, weight control system, and even customizable LED colors, this mouse will easily find its place within our community of enthusiasts. The TORQ offers a high level of comfort and aesthetics all while backed with the quality that EVGA assures for its products, so rest assured that you will receive nothing but the best!

Check out some of the other awesome features you get:


  • Ambidextrous grip supporting left and right handed gamers.
  • Moveable mechanism allows for proper support of various hand sizes.
  • Avago 9800 laser provides up to 8200 DPI with up to 1000Hz polling rate.
  • Highest quality Omron switches with a lifespan of over 20 million clicks.
  • Supports up to 9 programmable buttons.
  • Fully customizable RGB LED.
  • Built in 512KB memory for profile storage.
  • Metal base provides solid construction.
  • Weight control system allowing you to customize the weight to your liking.
  • 6ft silver coated USB cable with braided surface.


  • Allows full control of the EVGA TORQ X10.
  • Designed with usability in mind.
  • Heads up display shows key settings at a glance.
  • Flexible macro and profiling system.
  • Adjustable LED color and brightness