EVGA How To: Install DDR3/DDR4 Memory

We are pleased to bring you our next video in the "EVGA How To" Series.  In this video, Matthew Decker,  will walk you through the simple steps of installing new DDR3 or DDR4 memory modules onto your EVGA motherboard.  Details such as making sure you have the right memory for your motherboard type, making sure to populate the correct memory slots, and the important of checking your motherboard manual for compatibility.  

Feature in this video is the EVGA High Performance Memory modules in DDR3 options and DDR4 options which are sold exclusively at MicroCenter stores!  Our EVGA memory features a Limited Lifetime warranty, and comes in a selection of memory speeds to fit any customers system needs.  

Each memory module comes in a sleek black color scheme which will fit with any build.  If you have any technical questions or presales questions about our EVGA High Performance Memory, then you can always contact our Presales support team via phone:  888.881.3842 or email:  Support@EVGA.com for further assistance.  

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EVGA How To: Setup SLI

We're back with the next instructional video in our "EVGA How To" Series.  In this video, Matthew Decker will walk us through the benefits, setup and configuration of setting up an Nvidia SLI setup!  Nvidia SLI or Scalable Link Interface is the process of adding a second Nnvidia GTX graphics card to your system to significantly increase the performance of your gaming.  

In our "EVGA How To" video this week, we will be featuring our EVGA GTX 960 SSC ACX 2.0+ Gaming graphics card which supports 2 Way SLI and our EVGA Pro SLI V2 Bridges.  

The installation of your SLI capable graphics card is simple, but it is always recommended to reference your motherboard manufacture's manual to ensure you are installing your graphics card in the correct or recommended PCIE slots.  

An tell tell sign of what type of SLI your graphics card supports would be via the number of SLI connections on the graphics card.  A single SLI connection on each graphics card would mean that it would only support 2 Way SLI,  graphics card with 2 connections would be capable or supporting a 3 Way SLI or 4 Way SLI configuration.  Making sure your motherboard supports these configurations as well would be via their manufacture specifications information on their website. 

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EVGA Early Black Friday Sale

Starting today, EVGA is hosting an early Black Friday sale for our refurbished products. You will see products there with as much as 75% off! I already picked up a $15 600B power supply myself to use as a backup.

The sale is only while supplies last, so you will want to hurry and make your decision quick! Some of the options have already sold out before I finished writing up this article. Comment below and let us know what you managed to get!

EVGA How To: EVGA ACX CPU Cooler Installation

Its time for our next instructional video in our "EVGA How To" Series.  In this video, Matthew Decker will introduce you to our EVGA ACX CPU Cooler and walk you through the simple installation steps.  

The EVGA ACX CPU Cooler was built to perform with 5 8mm heatpipes that are arranged to receive the maximum airflow, direct-touch base technology provides excellent thermal transfer,  and has a wind tunnel fin design for optimal air-flow and more.

The center section of the fins form an enclosure in front of the fan hub where air flow is at its lowest, and the edges of the fins are closed. This creates two wind tunnels that maximize airflow around the heatpipes.
And of course, the full sleek black look and PWM controlled red LED fan are the perfect match for any EVGA gaming rig! 

So if you looking for a new CPU cooler or looking to replace that stock cooler that came with your CPU, make sure to check out our How To video below on the simple installation instructions.  Our EVGA  ACX CPU cooler is available on the EVGA web store now!

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EVGA's How To: Properly Install your EVGA Power Supply

We are back again with another instructional video in our "EVGA How To" series.  In this next video Matthew Decker will explain the importance setting up,  installing and testing your EVGA power supply.

Featured in this video is our fully modular EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 power supply.  This is the top power supply currently in the EVGA line up, with the ability to power up 4 individual graphics cards for those 4 Way SLI needs, and power your system efficiently with its 80 Plus Titanium rating.

The importance of purchasing a good quality and reliable power supply should be one of the main things to look at when building your system, since it is the main component that will be delivering power to all of your system.  If you are in the market for a new power supply and don't know which type or wattage to purchase for your build, then head on over the the EVGA Power Meter, where you can answer a few questions for our suggestions on different EVGA power supplies that will fit your needs!  Alternatively, you can contact our 24/7 Presales Support team via phone: 888.881.3842 or email:  Support@Evga.com

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CSULB eSports Association: Fight For A Cause Event


This past weekend on October 24th, 2015, EVGA and EVGAGaming had a chance to sponsor and attend a local event.  Fight for a Cause @ Cal State University, Long Beach is a charity event put on by the university's eSports Association and BeachCon coordinators to raise money and awareness for the Children's Hospital in Orange County (CHOC).

Attendee's had a chance to sign up for the different console and PC tournaments for a chance to win some awesome prizes.  EVGA/EVGAGaming was proud help out and sponsor the CS:GO tournament, where the top 3 teams of 5 players, would take home an EVGA Z97 Classified motherboard for 1st place team,  an EVGA SuperNova 650 P2 power supply for 2nd place team, and EVGA Torq Gaming Mice for the 3rd place team.

We had an awesome time at the event.  We gave out some EVGA Swag, raffled of an EVGA GTX 950 graphics card, and got to see some awesome tournament matches.  All for a great cause and to give back to the community.  We want to thank the CSULB eSports Association and BeachCon crew for having us, and we look forward to the next one!  Check out a few of the images we took during the event below!

EVGA How To: install the EVGA Hybrid Cooler

We are back again with our second video in our "EVGA How To" series is here to show you how to install the EVGA Hybrid Cooler on an EVGA GTX 980 Ti graphics card.  

In this video, Decker will show you the tools and walk you through the steps in upgrading your reference GTX 980 Ti graphics card into the GTX 980 Ti Hybrid with the EVGA Hybrid Cooler.  The install is simple and easy to do. If you are interested in purchasing the EVGA Hybrid Cooler, they are available at the EVGA web store or you can purchase the GTX Hybrid cards located here.  The EVGA Hybrid Coolers are available for the GTX Titan X, GTX 980 TI and the GTX 980 reference graphics cards. 

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