DOOM Campaign Trailer

 The folks over at Bethesda Softworks are giving you another small teaser into what will be the most gruesome game of 2016, DOOM

With their new Campaign Trailer, which is more like a teaser, you get a bit of a look into DOOM Marine and how you end up fighting the hordes of demons from hell at the Union Aerospace Corporation’s facility on Mars which has been has been decimated and overrun.  

Set to officially release on May 13th, 2016 the game will surely interest those fans of the original series of DOOM games.  Make sure to check out the official DOOM website to learn more about the community tool, SnapMap which is said to revolutionize the way custom maps will be made and implements for the game from the community.  

Let us know if you plan on picking up the new DOOM game and  your thoughts on the campaign trailer, in the comment section below!

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - I Am Faith

The much anticipated follow up game,  Mirrors Edge Catalyst is gaining lots of attention the past few days.  Many fans have been looking forward to this title for some time now.  

DICE has you covered for those still waiting with a few announcements.  First, they released a new teaser trailer called "I Am Faith," where we learn a bit more about the main protagonist of the game, with some really cool in game capture scenes which are amazing!

The second announcement is that of the Closed BETA test sign ups which are now open and anyone with an EA Account can sign up for a chance to get in on the testing phase before the official release.  To sign up just head over to the Mirror's Edge site!  

Set to officially launch on May 24th, 2016 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and on Origin for PC, this definitely is a title to be on the look out for.  Let us know in the comment section below, your thoughts on the game, the trailers and if  you are looking forward to the release date!

American Truck Simulator Released Early!

 SCS Software, the developers of the Euro Truck Simulator games announced last year that they would be bringing the series to the highways of the USA!

Well, they have done just that with American Truck Simulator, and guess what, they even brought it to us one day early!  Was released and went live on February 2nd, 2015, you can now purchase the gave via Steam for only $19.99!

With their catch phrase "Its not driving, Its Trucking!" American Truck Simulator brings you the launch locations of California and Nevada.  You will be able to travel through the real life area of the two states and earn some in game cash at that same time to eventually purchase your own truck and create your own truck fleet!

You may be thinking, Truck Simulator that's boring or not fun... but actually some may really enjoy it or even say its relaxing.  I actually do own and have played the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game and I can honestly say that its really fun.  There are many who may not think so, but actually getting to check out locations that are actually real places is cool.  Getting to drive on the highways, something that many would not be able to do in real life is cool as well.  I for one am looking forward to purchasing the game and giving the American Truck Simulator a try.  You never know we could even make a delivery to EVGA in game!

So, let us know what you thoughts are on these types of driving simulator games?  Any plans on owning the game? Would you ever play it or a similar game?  Let us know if the comment section below! 


Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

 Fans of the Lego series of video games will be happy to know that they have announced the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens game which is set to release on June 28, 2016.  No details on if it will be on PC as well as console or just console only.  

Definitely wanted to share the official trailer with everyone since I did find it very amusing as it is a take on the official The Force Awakens movie trailer and adds a few little quirks here and there.  

Check it out below and let us know what you think of the official Lego game trailer and if you are a fan of the Lego game series, in the comment section below!



Play Star Citizen; Free-Fly Event!

News was released over the weekend from the Robert Space Industries camp, the developers of the well known Star Citizen space game which to date has raised $107,225,163 with the help of over 1,220,172 individual Star Cititzens or players.

In order to play and experience the game, one must purchase a ship, like any normal Star ship Captain willing to venture into the nothingness of space!  But for one week only, you will be able to play Star Citizen for free!  Being called the Free-Fly event, anyone can jump in and experience the wonders of Star Citizen and get access to the following:

  • Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 – Also known as Crusader or the “mini-PU,” this is the nucleus of the world we’re building! Featuring multiple space stations and environments, scripted missions, places to explore and more, Alpha 2.1.2 is your first look at a much larger universe!
  • Arena Commander – Arena Commander is a ‘game within a game’ that we’ve used to develop our flight mechanics and ship combat balance. Take on human opponents or an AI swarm in single seat fighter.
  • Social Module – Interact with other players while you explore our first landing zone, ArcCorp! The Social Module is intended as a starting point for our world building,

In order to join in on the Fly-Free event all you have to do is create a Star Ciztizen account and download the game.  This is the first Free Fly that includes Crusader, so there’s more to explore than ever before. Free Fly accounts will have access to the Hornet F7C military fighter, the Aurora LN starter and the Mustang Delta interceptor.

 So if you've wanted to check out Star Citizen and get a feel for the gameplay and mechanics, or if you've been on the fence about purchasing a ship to play, then this would be the perfect opportunity to see what all the hype is about!  Let us know what you think about the Free-Fly event and if you have played Star Citizen in the past,  in our comment section below! 


The Division Beta Test Extended

With The Division Beta test in full swing the last few days, there has been time to get a first glimpse of what is to come. The Beta test began started on January 29th, and was set to be close January 31st. But the folks over at Ubisoft have granted players a couple extra days to get a chance to play and gain some further experience in game. At the same time of course, getting data on the test to improve and fix any issues that the game may have. The new Beta end date is set to February 2nd!

I, along with many others were able to get access to the Beta test. At first glance it is a really nice looking environment and gameplay. The storyline is quite interesting as well. It engages the player right off the bat with its intro and instructions on the mechanics of the UI.

If you are able to get a chance to join in this Beta or the next, then I would definitely suggest checking it out. At this point, it is a bit early to recommend a pre-order.

Let us know what if you were able to get a chance to join in the Beta and your thought about the game, in the comment section below.

StarWars Battlefront DLC Updates

News was released from EA on the future updates coming to Star Wars Battlefront.  First to the updates is more free content for all players!

Its has now been 2 months since the initial launch of the what was to be the next big thing in the gaming world, Star Wars Battlefront.  Since its launch, not much has been released in the forms of news or updates.  But today that all changes.  

The EA team behind the Star Wars Battlefront title, has been listening to player feedback and they have been hard at work building a calendar of new content and changes for 2016.  

All players will be getting content which includes new maps for multiplayer and Missions modes, the introduction of Private Matches, new Hero outfits and more.  To get even more content and be on the for front of the updates EA recommends picking up the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass, which will have future content feature Bespin, the Death Star and more.

After its initial launch, the Battle of Jakku DLC was released, which added two maps and the new Turning Point game mode.  Today, January 27th more content was added for all players which includes the following:  

  • The Tatooine Survival map will now support the Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt, and Heroes vs Villains multiplayer modes, and is called Raider Camp.
  • New Hoth-themed outfits for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, both of which will be available to all fans when they play as these two iconic characters on Hoth – these were unlocked by our players for completing our Heroes’ Holiday community mission last month.
  • We are giving players the ability to create Private Matches, which makes playing with friends even easier.
  • The introduction of Daily Challenges and Community Events. These are designed to rally the Community around certain goals and objectives, giving players the chance to earn credits and unlocks even faster. We'll have more news regarding Community Events and Daily Challenges in the days ahead.
  • And of course, we are also including some overall balancing tweaks to both weapons and multiplayer modes.

February will bring brand new content for all players as well, with a new survival mission on Hoth, and a brand new Hoth multiplayer map.  To read up on the rest of the content releases head on over to the new section of the Star Wars Battlefront site.

Let us know if you are still actively playing Star Wars Battlefront, and what you think of the new content free for all players that they are planning to release, in the comment section below!