Overwatch Upgrading Servers to 63Hz!


Blizzard is currently in the process of upgrading the Overwatch servers to run at 63Hz but what does this mean? If you are familiar with first-person shooter games then response time will mean a big thing to you. The servers used to be 21Hz meaning the servers were making 21 communications a second to everyone and back, moving the servers up to 63Hz means the servers and clients will communicate 3 times as much. Getting shot around a corner will be less likely to happen, you will not have to lead your shots as much and inputs will feel a lot more responsive. 



The servers were originally set at 21Hz to prevent any crashing when the servers were first launched. 63Hz has been available but only exclusive to Custom Games, the change of the servers won't be affecting the esports scene at all because they have been competing on 63Hz servers. It will change the experience for matchmaking players.

While you may not notice it as much in the beginning, I'm sure you will eventually. In the Counter-Strike: GO scene, the matchmaking servers are at 64Hz (or tick) but there are also premium servers that run at 128tick. These 128tick servers are the standard when it comes to competitive play. Higher tickrate usually means the skillcap is higher, this awards faster reaction. It would be very unlikely for a game like Overwatch, which implements abilities rather than just gunplay, to need a server running at 128Hz but hey, I'll take the 63Hz. Matchmaking in Overwatch should be a lot more enjoyable and snappy now.


What are you guys' thoughts on this change? Do you feel your play style will change at all? Let us know in the comments below!

Return to Karazhan Patch 7.1


The first patch for Legion will be bringing a lot of memories back. Return to Karazhan will be bringing back one of the most exciting raids from Burning Crusade. Although this will no longer be a 10-man raid, we will get to experience Karazhan as a 5-man extended dungeon much similar to Blackrock Depths. It is interesting that they are going this route because smaller dungeons always have more closely knit groups and in my opinion, it is a more enjoyable interaction. Larger dungeons seem to be slightly hectic especially if you don't talk to anyone else in your group. If you haven't had the opportunity to obtain the mount from the original Karazhan, don't worry, they aren't replacing the original instead there will be new entrance.



Karazhan will be similar to the Mythic difficulty but slightly harder. It seems to be a full on raid but with just 5 people, the dungeon will be revamped and hopefully we will get a redesign that trumps the visuals from Burning Crusade. There will be 9 bosses for us to defeat (and hopefully a new mount to farm). Return to Karazhan will be release on the PTR servers in the next couple weeks according to Blizzard but we do not have a solid date for release on live servers as of yet. This will be the first patch of the many that Blizzard has in store for Legion and it will be a notable one for them. Legion is suppose to be the longest and most content-packed expansion so far and I can't wait to see what will be coming in the future. 


Do you guys enjoying with large groups or smaller groups? Let us know in the comments below!


Battlefield 1 Open Beta !


The Battlefield 1 Open Beta began on August 31st, keep in mind this is open beta! Everyone can try the game! I just had the opportunity to try it out last night and it was a blast! There are currently tons of people playing right now and it is so quick to find a match. You'll get to try out 2 games modes, Conquest and Rush.  If you aren't familiar with Origin, all you need to do is head over to their website, create an account and download their launcher. Once you have the launcher you can install the open beta. 



There is currently only one map you can play on right now and that is the Sinai Desert map. It's a fairly open desert map with some cliffs on one side of it. There is a train that runs through the populated area of the map allowing some neat destruction. My favorite pass-time currently is riding down players while on a horse, Game of Thrones style. The only complaint I have is that it takes longer to get on a horse than it does to get in a car, it should definitely be the other way around!

The gameplay is very smooth and as it should be for a AAA game. I haven't noticed any bugs in my 3-4 hours of playing. With my new EVGA GTX 1070 and my i7 4790K, I am getting around 120-130 FPS on ultra settings and 1080p. 

I highly doubt that they will be releasing a second map for us to test on but this map is great. If anyone would like to party up an play, you can add me on Origin. My Origin name is "hudsonrio". The end date for the beta is not currently set in stone, so just try it out while you have the chance. I would recommend everyone try out this game this weekend even if you haven't played a FPS shooter before, the timelime this is set in allows some extraordinary features. 



Here are the minimum requirements for this beta:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350
  • Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
  • DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
  • Hard-drive space: 10GB


The Turing Test


The Turing Test is a sci-fi puzzle game set on one of Jupiter's moons, Europa. With intense visuals and a challenging mystery ahead of you, I'm sure this new game will leave you stumped in awe. The game is being published by Square Enix so I'm sure the finish of the game will be of great quality. If you are familiar with games like Portal, this is not too different, you will be playing in first-person as Ava Turing and you will be faced with many challenging obstacles while trying to resolve a dark mystery. 



Ava Turing, the main character, is an engineer for the International Space Agency and the team stationed at Europa has vanished. It is up to her to unravel the riddles that lie ahead. You will be left hints and puzzles by your missing crew members but who or what are they hiding from? There is vast rabbit hole that needs some diving into here. If you are into space, adventure and puzzles... look no further. Your perfect game has found you.

Here's some info on the hardware you might need to run this smoothly:

    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 / Athlon 64 X2 6400
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5770
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • OS: Win 7 64bit / Win 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10
    • Processor: Core i7-920 / A8-3870K or above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / ATI Radeon R9 280 or above
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 10 GB available space

 The Turing Test officially released on August 30th and is available for you to purchase now.  Check out the official release trailer below!


Let us know what you think of The Turing Test down in the comments below!

Fallout 4 Nuka-World Released!


Bethesda released the third DLC for Fallout 4 today! You can always expect some refreshing content from the Fallout world. After many years of drinking random Nuka-Cola, we finally get to experience the brand's own amusement park! This DLC will feature new quests, raiders, weapons, creatures and much more. This will also be Fallout 4's last DLC so hopefully we will get a send off that's worth while. Fallout is pretty great with storytelling in their quests and this DLC should be no different. 



While doing my best to avoid spoilers, it does appear that you can take on the role of the bad guy this time around. You have the ability to " Lead lethal gangs of Raiders and use them to conquer settlements, bending the Commonwealth to your will." which is a nice change from the annoying minutemen telling you there is a settlement that needs help. Heads up though, it seems that the level requirement for this DLC is 30. 



Here is a short musical trailer from Bethesda to get you guys hyped up!



SaltLake Reviews: No Man's Sky!

June 22 delayed
June 24 delayed
August 9 delayed
August 12 dela…. Oh... we are doing it this time? Cool. Let me just download and start it up… huh maybe a bad download. Just delete it and download it again… hmm something's wrong. Let me try me wife's computer… no. Lets see whats going online.. Oh. Well time to break out old parts and mix and match until it works.

No Man's Sky, has finally released! Though maybe it should have delayed another month. My first hours consisted of me removing parts and putting them back in until I got it to work. Finally a 5960X with a GTX 980 did the trick. Now not everyone had this problem but there were more than a few that had issue starting this game. Now the developers Hello Games are saying that they are working to fix these issues, but only time will tell.

This game had a huge amount of hype, and I could write a 20 page essay about what I think. Totalbiscuit went off for 30+ minutes about it. Reddit went through every interview and trailer and found every single thing promised and not provided. I have a slightly different theory. I honestly believe that Sony saw Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen and said that they needed a slice of that pie. They saw No Man’s Sky as that piece. Sony can make some great hype from good or bad events. They spent time finding rumors and not promising them but hinting at them and showing trailers making you think that the game had these things. Marketing is very smart about this. By the time the game came out I heard it called Mini-Star Citizen or Mini-Elite Dangerous. In all honestly it is not those games, and at this point it will never be those games.

First let's take a look at the options menu. Its pretty barren and the minimum needed to be honest. These are all the settings set to the max, which is needed because it auto sets you to low graphics and locked 30 FPS. 21:9 resolutions are supported which is nice. If you go in here to change things often you will hate this menu. It is not a simple click and done, no you have to sit there and hold the button and watch a circle draw itself, that is a single click. It is painfully slow for something you don’t want to spend much time in. Get in the options, change what is needed, back to the game. 

On with the review. Once I was able to start the game, I was presented with regular intro's and a white screen that simply said “Initialise” with a E, holding down the E key will slowly circle the the E and you are immediately thrown in the game. No tutorial, no cinematic, nothing. This is the start of the game, simple as that.

This was the first view that is controllable. A wrecked ship, with debris strewn around and a weird looking planet. In your upper left you have your shield with your hit points. The top right is your weapon/mining beam information. Bottom left is your basic planet stats and a pulse thing I never figured out. It is 39.0C, 1.5 Radiation and 19.4 Toxic. So a hot slightly toxic planet. This means that there are life forms but not as much as other temperate and not toxic planets. This gives an interesting idea to the planets. But later on the solar system makes little sense. Somehow a frozen planet can be closer to a star and a molten planet farther from a star. Procedurally generated does not mean it is always accurate.

Salvaging the wreckage I found this item/lifeform/thing called Atlas. Now I first thought Atlas would be a guide for the tutorial or at least make sure I did things correctly. It doesn’t. Now remember when I said back in Doom that games that throw you into the action and with a minimum story was good. I have been proven wrong, you can only do that with simplistic and known games. No Man’s Sky needs a tutorial! You can learn it but it will take time. You are given some simple task to repair your ship and need components to do so.

You have three items that you must maintain and remember to keep recharging them with energy isotopes you find and repairing them. These are your ship, your exosuit, and your multi-tool. Your ships weapons, hyperdrive, and pulse drive must be recharged, it is also a place where you can store items by simple holding X and transferring them between your ship and exosuit or vise versa. Your exosuits has life support and hazard protection, one is recharged with energy minerals, while the other repaired with metals. Your exosuit is also your main storage. Finally you have your multi-tool that is both your mining tool and weapon. These three items can be upgraded and improved through out your gameplay experience. Your multi-tool can be designed more toward a mining drill or an assault weapon. Your suit can have more inventory slots or more environmental defense/offense upgrades.

You first task is to repair your spaceship. I pre-ordered the game which came with another starter ship.  This was disappointing as the “special ship” since it is exactly the same as the starter ship but with a few more inventory slots. It handles the same, goes just as fast, uses the same parts, uses the same amount of energy. Get used to mining though as you will quickly find that you are simply mining to keep alive and less about improving your equipment, though that will happen slowly. It is an endless grind, and it only gets worst when you finally find a nice tunnel to explore and you hear your suit beeping that your life support is now critical. You will scurry from mining item to mining item trying to refuel quickly.

I explored more than a few planets during my gameplay, in all the trailers I've seen, it showed walker “sentinels”, I never once found a different enemy than these sentinel drones and fighting is rather straightforward. You point your weapon and shoot them, they shoot you, they explode, you pick up the loot they drop. Dodging is non existent as their laser just simply guide to you. You can use cover but the AI doesn’t try to outsmart you and just simply follows you, making trapping them easy. Combat is very lackluster, and to be honest not much to talk about.

The one thing that the game does right are the planets, the fauna, vegetation and planet surface was really well done. Sometimes you get to see some weird animals that don't make sense but this is a fault of procedural generation, it’s not perfect. My starting planet had floating islands, strange 2 leaf planets that were thick and rigid and looked like they belonged on a toxic planet. Then these weird aggressive bugs with their weird crooked smiles. These smiles are what cause nightmares in children. You can analyze all of these things and you get credits/unites (from where I don’t know) as you find all the items on a planet. This actually felt rather complete, though my planet was not as dense with life as the trailers would lead me to believe. It did fit the toxic hot planet description in my HUD. Now what is missing are biomes. I searched for hours on my planet, North, South, East, West and it never changed it’s a single biome per planet. This was disappointing as there should be multiple different biomes on a single planets.

Another huge aspect was the aliens and factions, as it should be since it is a major focus of any sci-fi/futuristic show that has them. Star Wars and Star Trek have tons of aliens, some made simply just be background sights and never discussed. No Man’s Sky does only a few things right. First the aliens is definitely alien-like, it looks like a gecko evolved instead of a primate. Second is that you are forced to find beacons to learn their language or learn it from trading. Either way the fact you have to learn a language is very immersive. Things that I found wrong. This was supposed to be a settlement. It does have a large building, but only a single alien was here. My initial conversation was me vaguely getting an idea that it wanted some resources and giving it to him, that was it. I talked to it again and it gives me 3 options depending how much it liked me.  There was no faction, or in-depth association with these aliens to start off with. It, again, is very shallow and lackluster.

Once you repair your spaceship you can fly around the surface of the planet, but it is controlled on how low you can go. This is a very big annoyance to me, you cannot fly low enough to actually see what is going on on the ground or even scan to see if you missed a creature or settlement. So it is a hit and miss with landings. You can see landmarks you have made while you were on the ground, and you had scanned out, though. It just feels like it’s holding you back. Pulling up from the planet,  you will escape the atmosphere and go into space. I was meet with what I thought was a large ship but turned out to just be some sort of container or space trucker. Nothing was notable, again the flying was unremarkable and simple. You can see points of interest to jump to and there was no large fleet or other space ships, it was rather empty. 

I jumped to a space station and had to fly around to find a entrance. There was no traffic controller to greet you and you simply flew in. I wish I had taken a screenshot inside but I forgot. Inside was the same alien creature as the one on the planet in a single room who did the same thing but with different resources. I again did the trade, he was excited and gave me three options. Again so simplified it was disappointing. There were 2 locked door but I needed an “Atlas key” which I didn’t know how to get at this point so early in the game. For a space station that large it was extremely disappointing to have the limited access inside.

I decided to hyper jump to the next planet. My screen blazed in a holy golden yellow with a halo. Then stopped at my next planet, Hoshobam Koshy, an undiscovered planet. I would land, scan, mine, analyze all over again.

I continued to pour about 30 hours into the game, one of the reasons why this review is so late. I always had this knack I was missing something. It would eat at me that I was missing a big subject. I realized that it wasn’t me but the game. The game covers a vast amount of area, but never goes in depth with any of them. Its also shallow and nondescript and never feels complete. There is a story line portion but it is never heavily enforced. To be honest it is not a game for everyone, in fact it is a game for very few people. If you are thinking about buying it, I suggest watching a YouTube video or a stream and then deciding. The developers could have done better and to be honest with all the delays it should have been better. It is a game I might play if I am in the mood, but it will collect dust for a vast majority of the time. If you like the game, great! I glad you enjoy it, and I hope the game is fulfilling to you.

-Salt Lake


Paragon Open Beta and New Hero - Narbash

Paragon officially went into its Free Open Beta on August 16th and is on a roll with all the new challengers that have gained access to the game!  With its unique gameplay and stunning graphics is now available for everyone to download and play as its been making waves in the current MOBA community!

I had the opportunity to have been part of the early access gameplay, and I can honestly tell you that the game is on par or better then the current MOBA offerings on the market!  Being able to play a fun game and having the graphics engine to process those amazing in game graphics is a win win in my book. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Paragon Open Beta Trailer below! 

Also, in accordance with Paragon teams promise, a new Hero has emerged and has been added into the game.  Introduced and added into the game on August 23rd, Narbash joins in the fight in the land of Agora.
As a Melee Caster and Support class, Narbash rallies his friends with buffs and specializes in crowd control.  Charging into the into the fight with the beats of war on his drum will strike fear in the enemy and inspire his team.  Although you do not want to get too close to his drum as his Thunk ability will stun you and smack you with his drum stick.  Trying to flee will prove pointless as his March ability provides him with a increase movement speed.  His Song of My People ability gran him a health regeneration buff, and if you are caught in his Ultimate Crash Bang Boom, you will find yourself affected by the slow AOE effect it will have on you and your team members that will finish you off with a devastating knockup to finish you off!
Narbash players will definitely march to the beat of his drums during gameplay.  Be sure to check out Narbash and all the other Heroes in the Paragon lineup by joining in on the Free Open Beta test going on right now!
See you in Agora!