Blizzard Entertainments: Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainments newest title was announce at BlizzCon on Friday, November 7th called:  Overwatch.   

Overwatch is an arena style action game where 2 opposing teams are matched together on what looks to be different style maps and team-based objectives.   So far, only 2 team-based objectives have been announced:   Payload and Point Capture

Now as with any team based arena style game; there has to be some different roles to choose from and master.  Overwatch has the following:  Offense, Defense, Tank and Support

With a list 12 of unique looking characters to choose from and call your favorite.  The list below is only of a few of the available Heroes, check out the links below to learn more about these and the rest of the Heroes:

Tracer, Offense, Abilities include use of Pulse Pistols and Blink
Reaper, Offense, Abilities include use of Hellfire Shotguns and Wraith Form
Pharah, Offense, Abilities include use of the Rocket Launcher and Jump Jet
WidowMaker, Defense, Abilities include use of Widow's Kiss and Grappling Hook
Winston, Tank, Abilities include use of the Tesla Cannon and Jump Pack
Reinhardt, Tank, Abilities include use of the Rocket Hammer and Shield

Below are the official Gameplay Trailer and Cinematic Trailer, which definitely have some cool eye candy and show lots of promise.  Check them both out below and sign up on the Overwatch site here, to get a chance test out the Beta, which is scheduled for sometime in 2015!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Greetings Gamers, 

Well its the beginning of November again, and you know what that means?   Call of Duty!   This year Activision has been promoting the their new addition to the CoD family:  Advanced Warfare.  Officially released November 3rd, 2014 on all consoles and PC.

Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare takes in mid-21st century in futuristic Seoul, South Korea.  You are Jack Mitchell and protagonist of the story.  Hired by Jonathan Iron's (Kevin Spacey) who is the head of a military contracting outfit.  The game takes you through the familiar linear single player campaign, with a few instances of using the Exo-Suit, not to full potential.  

The game introduces a few new gadgets like:  a grappling hook,  Exo-Suit, grenades that highlight the enemies, and see-through wall scopes, just to name a few.

Multi-player - The main reason we all buy CoD games, gives you full reign of the Exo suits abilities and different add-on's that you can earn through leveling up.  

Co-op Warfare - divided into 4 wave based maps.  You can play co-op mode with up to 3 friends against wave of enemies that get progressively harder.  A feature that attract some players looking to get away from the hectic Mult-player modes with a few friends.  

Check out the official trailer below, and if you have not done so already, go out and pick up your copy of Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare today.  See you on the battlefield!

EVGA Latin America Live Twitch Stream; Every Wednesday!

Our EVGA Latin America team is very excited to announce their weekly Live Gaming Stream event, every Wednesday.  This event is open to all who would like to participate and watch.  Make sure to check out their Live Stream >>HERE<<.  

Their game of choice?  Battlefield 4!  So, if you are interested in assisting the team frag some opponents or you feel like going up against the might of EVGA Latin America, or just like to watch some Battlefield 4 gameplay check them out via Twitch >>Here<<!.  

For those wanting a change of pace from Battlefield 4, check out the list of official EVGA sponsored servers to your right of this article and the current October Feast Gaming Event as well.

Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC

The development team at Respwan Entertainment are at it again with the release of their 3rd DLC offering called:  IMC Rising.  

The 3 new maps are included within the DLC and they are:
Backwater- home to the ex-IMC pilot Barker introduces varying changes in elevation and wide open fields are ideal for Titan encounters.  Pilots on foot can travel underground through the grain storage facilities or the rail ways up above to gain the upper hand. 

Zone 18 - the IMC advanced robotics facility will be a face paced map.  A central supply path divides the map, pilots can seek protection of the facility's interior passages, and other will opt for the sniper friendly limited roof top cover to engage the enemy.  

Sandtrap - A key strategic point on the frontier this facility made of deep reservoirs of unrefined fuel.  Vast open spaces favor Titan battles, and skilled pilots will be able to test their wall running abilities within chasms.  

The DLC will be available for download to those who already have purchased the Titanfall Season Pass or you can purchase the stand alone IMC Rising DLC by itself as well.  Check the video below to see a gameplay preview of the new maps which are available now on PC.  

Battlefield 4 - Final Stand Preview

It's time for the next DLC for Battlefield 4, and also the last one it would seem.   Final Stand, as it is called will be the last DLC before the upcoming Battlefield Hardline release, coming out later this year.  

Final Stand DLC will take place in the arctic landscapes of Russia, where scientist of today have been experimenting with the technology of tomorrow.  The DLC will include 4 new and unique maps which will be named:
Operation Whiteout
Giants of Karelia
Hanger 21

New prototype weapons and vehicles set to be included in the DLC, and so far have only mentioned the following:  
Battle Pick-Up Rail Gun - which fires a single round of powerful kinetic energy
Hover Tank - which uses 8 experimental jet propulsion engines to maneuver around the map

Rumors say that the final DLC may include a snowboard as a vehicle for players to ride, kinda cool if it does make it into the DLC.  Access to the DLC is currently limited to the CTE (Community Test Environment) which you can  take part and help test by following the information at the bottom of the following link: Final Stand BF4 site  You will need to have a PC Premium access and sign up on the CTE site for a chance to help test the maps before release.  Also, don't forget to check out the official Final Stand trailer below. 

EVGA Team Fortress 2 Scrimmage Anyone?


Greetings Gamers, 

One of our awesome EVGA Game Admins, Missa would like to invite those hardcore Team Fortress 2 players out there to form a group(s) for some friendly TF2 competitions!  There are many of you out there who enjoy playing TF2 and populate our servers during our gaming events.  How about taking your game to the next level?

Having lots of experience herself with TF2 competitions, Missa would like see if there is interest within the EVGA community to start up a group or two or three.  I would invite all those who are interested to check out Missa's post within the EGC thread >> HERE! <<

There is information detailing the Highlander scrim stlye, which maps will be available, which game modes, and the weapon restrictions there are for a competitive style scrim can be found there.  Again, if you think you would be interested, or would like to know more information check out the following post >> HERE! <<  Read through the information and post a reply with your info in the following format:
Forum Name:
Steam Name:
3 Map Choices:

The thread will be open to those interested until September 5th.  With a proposed date for the first scrim on September 12th @ 9:30 PM EST.  Mumble will be required for communication, don't forget to download your Mumble client and save the EVGA Mumber server ( Port 3650).

No matter if you are part of team Blue, or team Red; remember that we are all part of Team EVGA!

E3 2014 Wrap Up!

E3 2014 has now come and gone.  Each year that I attend, there are more and more things to see and experience.  This year there were a few things that I was not able to check out, either due to really long lines with a crazy wait time, or not enough time because I was waiting in another line for another game.  Big hits in my book this year though:  

The Order 1866, a PS4 only game but still worth the wait in line to check it out.  The old Victorian era art style with the guns and what looked like Lycan monsters added to the intrigue.  Still in its Alpha stage, the game does have a few things to improve on, but what I was able to play blew my mind.  

Destiny, yet another console game and worth all the hype.  The 2.5 hr granted us a sneak peak trailer, 2 rounds of 6V6 capture the flag matches, in which I played the Titan class.  The special "ground pound" move was awesome when it was used, though you had to wait a while for the special to charge up.  

Batman: Arkham Knight, another 2 hour wait in line, and worth the wait to see the demo played on the screen.  All I can say is that the Batmobile is awesome and you can use it as an extension of Batman to take out enemies.

Alien Isolation, had not heard of this game till my friend started talking about it.  We saw the line was short and waited, and waited.  But so worth it, we actually got to play the demo version of what seems like the first level.  Not sure if it was on the highest difficulty level but this game is super hard.  I died 5 times trying to get out of the spawn zone, each time trying to sneak by an Alien.  Though the best parts were the death animation, in which that same Alien that kills you comes up to the screen just as if you were facing it, its an experience.  

Evolve; they definitely had a great booth for this game and a big crowd at all times.  This was one of the more popular games that everyone wanted to check out.  Great game, great graphics and looking forward to it on release.  Getting to be the  Goliath monster, I think is the best part of the game and trying to destroy the hunters.  

Even though this years E3 may be over, I am really looking forward to what next years E3 brings us.  If you are able to check it out, I would highly recommend going.  And with that I leave you with a few more images from E3 2014, enjoy!