E3 2014 Day Two

E3 Day #2

Back for day two of E3 and with so much more to see in the South Hall where all the console games were located.  I had initially gone to E3 with nothing really in mind that I had to see, until I remembered...

Since it was first announced last year, I have been looking forward to checking out The Order 1866so much so that I had forgotten about it.   Needless to say the 2 hour wait in line to play the alpha version of the game was amazing.  Its unfortunate, that its a PS4 exclusive game which seriously makes me consider buying one.  Speaking of the PS4... 

Saw this glass case with a White PS4, a white headset, and the Grey and Blue controllers.  Looks kinda cool, and its different from all the other millions of PS4's out there.  If you are interested in getting one, you can find it here.   Got to check out the rest of PlayStation's massive booth/display.  Had a chance to play Little Big Planet 3, which is a 4 player cooperative game.  it was lots of fun, since each character has their own unique ability to help the others get through the level.   Also, got to race and crash, the PS4 exclusive Drive Club, well it was more crashing that racing, but fun none the less.

Of course we can't forget Microsoft and the Xbox One, they did have a cool display with every gamers dream car they wish was in their garage with Forza Mortorsport 5 and the announcement of the Halo 5.

And we can't forget the last console out there, Nintendo.  They made a strong showing with the new Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS.  

Overall Day 2 of E3 was really fun and exhausting with the walking around and standing in line for min 2 hours at any demo/trailer.  Got to see a bunch of new games out for the consoles, although I am a PC Gamer at heart, there are games that may have me picking up a PS4. Which games are you excited for that are coming out this year/next?

Battlefield Hardline

The new installment in the Battlefield series:  Battlefield Hardline was announced by EA.  Not much is known about the game except for the teaser trailer below and some rumors.  We know that it will take place in more of an Urban setting with a Cop and Criminal theme.  This entry from Visceral games is the first from then into the Battlefield franchise.  The stream will feature 32 selected players going head-to head in all out multiplayer combat.  More information on the game can be seen on June 9th here on the official site: E3 Live Stream @ 12pm PDT

Halo 5: Guardians Announced!

For a bit of console news; at last year's E3 during the Microsoft Press conference, a Halo teaser trailer was shown, which you can see below.  

Speculation over the past year and now it is official from Microsoft and 343 Studios, they have announced the next game in the Halo universe:  Halo 5: Guardians.  It will cover Master Chief's journey after the events of Halo 4.  Slated to be released in Fall 2015.  Although, E3 2014 is right around the corner, there may be a sneak peak at the progress of the game!

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

The latest announcement from the world of Civilization series is:   Civilization:  Beyond Earth.  The game shares all the things we love about the Civilization games with a new setting and story line.  

Taking place in the future, where mankind will travel through space, be able to find new colonies on other plants, which all takes place after "The Great Mistake" event.  

Gameplay is the same turn-based strategy game as its predecessors.  Different from previous Civ titles where you would choose your historical figure and empire and preset personalities, in Beyond Earth players will have to make choices at the start of the game, which include what organization back their expedition, what kind of vessel they used to reach the planet, and who and what they brought to the new world.  This allows each player to create and customize a civilization of their own.  Instead of a Tech Tree as in the classic Civ games,  Beyond Earth has a Tech Web which branches off in many different directions forcing the player to pick just one.

Intriguing as it sounds, I can already seem myself spending hours playing the game with no sense of time passing, as I did with Civ V.  This will definitely be on my Steam wishlist, set to be released Fall 2014.  Check out the video for sneak peak and the Beyond Earth site for more information. 


Carbide Studios and NCSoft bring a new MMORPG to the market called: WildStar  A fantasy / science fiction MMORPG which takes place on the planet of Nexus.  Nexus which was once the home of powerful Architects known as the Eldan, who have dissipated leaving behind their riches, superior technology and other secrets for you, the player, to discover.

A couple of interesting facts about WildStar.  After the initial purchase of the full release game, you can opt in for the monthly subscription, which give you 30 days of game time.  There will also be a 2nd option, where an in game item can be purchased, which give you 30 days of playtime, but can also be traded to other players for in-game currency.  Interesting? Wonder how this will work and affect the in-game market value of its currency.  

Another interesting fact, is that of in-game housing, right from the beginning.  Usually most games either don't have this option or wait far into the life of the game to present this to its players.  A players house will be accessible from the start, there will be different "plugs" that will allow you to customize the inside and outside with work benches, crafting tables, a mine or decorations.  This is definitely a plus in my book.  

The game features two factions and races:  The Exiles; who consist of the Human Race and The Dominion, who consist of the Cassian race.  

The classes available are:  Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Stalker, and Medic.

Once you have chosen your faction, race, and class, you can choose one of 4 different "Path" or play styles, which are:  Explorer, Soldier, Settler, and Scientist.

Combat is a bit different in WildStar.  There is no direct aiming or lock to the opposing player.  A system called Telegraphs.  How they work?  1) Manually aim your abilities in combat, 2) Your enemies will do the same, 3) Dodge or be vaporized.  Seems interesting in theory, will have to check it out to see what it's really like.  The WildStar site does claim:  "This Aint Your Momma's Tab-Targeting Combat System!"

There is both PVE and PVP options in game.  Player vs Environment is accomplished by questing solo, or in groups, and involves dungeons and possibly raids.  Player vs Player, is open world PVP, meaning you can be attacked by another player anytime anywhere!  

You can get more detailed information Here.  Pricing and System information Here.  If this has peaked your interest, check out the video below to learn more.  Wildstar released on June 3rd, 2014.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

The latest offering from developer Airtight Games and publisher Square Enix is the action adventure game with a twist called:   Murdered:  Soul Suspect

The game has a new take on the murder mystery game genre, where the main character, Ronan O' Conner, is the one who is killed by a mysterious and unknown killer.  As Ronan, you return as a ghost and cannot rest until the mystery of your murder is solved.  Using your supernatural powers and fighting evil beings left behind in this world who care only for the taste of your soul.  

Through the chaos, confusion and unknown, you meet Joy.  A girl who not only as a witness to your death, but can also hear and speak to ghosts, including you.  She is the only one who can help you along the way and who know's you may just be able to help her too. 

You have the freedom to roam the town of Salem, exploring the homes, buildings, Gothic churches and mental asylum for any clues that will help you on your way to solve your murder.  

I was fortunate to see an early trailer of the game and gameplay at last years E3 2013, and the game has come a long way.  The interest is there and I am looking forward to playing it once it has been released.  If this has sparked your interest check out the their site here and expect the game to release June 3rd, 2014.

EVGA at PAX EAST 2014 Highlights

EVGA was at PAX EAST this previous week. People got to see our legendary video cards and the Hadron Hydro. One of the main highlights was seeing the Torq X10 in action. Players got to use the mouse while playing Daylight and take a look at the software that controls the more advanced features. Also 6 lucky winners walked away with a GTX 750 TI FTW ACX video card or an EVGA Hadron case. Take a look at the highlight video and hope to see you all next year.