SXSW boasts to connect industry insiders and the general public like no other event with panels, a free expo, parties, and demos that you can’t miss starting March 7th – 9th. Guess who definitely can’t miss out on this chance to share an awesome time with the public? EVGA will be at SXSW to show off the new Hadron chassis, an award winning line of PSUs, and NVIDIA’s G-sync technology.

To add to an already awesome event, EVGA is offering a deal for all those who attend event by giving out a promo code for the Hadron Air chassis, which includes a 500W gold rated PSU built right into the case and a 3 year warranty. You can also stop by the EVGA booth, number 416, to talk or ask us any questions you might have about our products!

SXSW is held in Austin, Texas, which is considered to be one of the hotbeds for the ever-expanding gaming industry. There will be tons of top-dog companies from the industry there to fill up the weekend if you get a chance to go to this awesome event (Don’t forget that the gaming event itself is free and open to the public)! Try not to miss out if you can help it, if not, there’s always next year.

Smite: Scylla, Horror of the Deep

Although the game is still in beta the character releases have been impressive, in my opinion. The latest God revealed is Scylla who is from Greek mythology. During game play she becomes more dangerous as abilities become maxed out. Each maxed out ability grants her additional abilities such as teleport, snare, slow and her ultimate makes her CC immune. For a ranged mage she has some decent mobility to allow her to crush enemy Gods. 

EVGA will be at Beachcon 9

EVGA will be attending Beach 9 this year. The local lan event will be held at Cal State Long Beach University on April 12th, 2014. This event will feature PC and console gaming. Lan games will consist of Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike CS:GO, Battlefield 4, League of legends and more. Of course there will be prizes given out. EVGA is looking forward to supporting this Local Lan event and hope to see you there.


PC Gamers:
Your own desktop / laptop computer
Power Cables and a mouse!
Games - purchased & downloaded
Other necessary components

For more information about the event please visit: http://beachcon.org/
Directions to the event: Google Maps

TITANFALL - PC Beta Impressions and 7 Advanced Combat Tips

The Beta for Titanfall is over and WOW! We all had a blast. I ran a piece over at Gadget Review, which runs down my brief but unabashed impressions of the super fun Titanfall PC beta. I also offer some 7 slick combat tactics for Pilots both on the ground and in their massive 24ft tall Titans. The video above speaks to my #3 - "I Know Kung Fu". Number 3 explains the freedom pilots have with their jump kicks. Hint: they can be performed successfully up, down or any direction. 

These are the 7 Combat Tactics featured...

1. Titan AI

Your Titan possesses variable AI states, which you can change on the fly. You can tell it to...

2. Wall Hang

Make use of this often. To activate a wall hang, simply jump up and/or wall run up a wall and press...

3. I Know Kung Fu

The melee mechanic in Titanfall is similar to CoD. One hit equals an automatic...

4. Hacking Specters

Titanfall only supports 6 human players against another 6, effectively “6v6″. The other ...

5. Riding With Friends

We’ve seen plenty videos of how a single Pilot can “Rodeo” a Titan by leaping/climbing ...

6. Burn Cards

This is Respawn’s way of making even the most inexperienced Titan Pilot feel like he’s in Beast Mode. Burn Cards are...

7. Homeostasis Of Speed

Stay off the ground and you will be rewarded. Chaining a series of wall runs together...

Concluding Impressions

But I am still completely blown away by how exciting Titanfall is becoming. I definitely want to see more maps and...

Thanks, Respawn, EA Origin, FortySeven PR, EVGA and GadgetReview.

EVGA's Art of the Game

EVGA's Art of the Game is a new project aimed at discovering and sharing the talent of the artists of the gaming industry. Artists and their amazing personal works will be collected over time to share with the EVGA community and as art pieces are created, they will be printed onto high quality posters that will be sent out with some of EVGA's GPUs. Pieces that aren't offered on posters will still be available as wallpapers for your PC and mobile devices, so you won't miss out on having these beautiful art pieces around to enjoy and inspire you.

Feel free to leave questions or comments on the EVGA forums for Art of the Game and help our community grow so that we can continue to get amazing artists to share their talent with you! Hop on over to evga.com/aotg for more information and beautiful art. 

Like the poster you got? Tweet or tag us in a picture of your Art of the Game poster with your new EVGA product @teamevga or Facebook.com/teamevga!

Show Us Your Rig and WIN!

EVGA’s modsrigs.com is giving away a chance to win $1000 just for showing off your rig! Do you have an epic rig that you’ve meticulously picked every part for, taken the extra time to painstakingly hide cables, and arranged things to look absolutely awesome? Take some nice pictures and upload them along with your rig stats to modsrigs.com and you can be entered in a chance to win that $1k! To be eligible to enter the drawing, you simply have to hit these four marks to qualify:

  • Have an EVGA Member Account
  • Have a completed Mods Rigs system marked for public display
  • Have a valid system image uploaded
  • Have a valid 3DMark 11 OR 3DMark Fire Strike score with link for verification


Simple enough, right? Once your rig is submitted, you’re automatically entered for a chance at the $1000 and just have to wait for the winners of the drawing to be announced. For further details, check the Mods Rigs site at: http://www.modsrigs.com/sponsorship.aspx. You never know, your rig might even show up at EVGAGaming.com!


If you’re not interested in submitting your rig or aren’t able to build your dream rig at the moment, don’t hesitate to browse modsrigs.com to get some ideas for future builds and check out some of EVGA’s great products. If you’re looking for more contests or drawings to participate in, head over to EVGA’s Facebook and Twitter pages to like and follow so you can be informed of future events to participate in. EVGA’s community is constantly growing and we want to keep contributing with fun contests and prizes, so join in whatever, whenever you can and be part of this great community.

EVGA PDXLan Bundle

Come visit EVGA at PDXLan in the case mod area this weekend (2/21 - 2/23) and you’ll be able to see the EVGA Hadron chassis being modded!

Now is your chance to get an EVGA Hadron and an EVGA Z87 Stinger Motherboard at the special PDXLan bundle price!  Offer valid only in the US and Canada while supplies last or when the promotion ends on 2/20/2014 at 11:59:59 PM PST.

We look forward to seeing everyone there and can’t wait to see what epic case mods the PDXLan community came up with this year!

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