Humble Bundle Featured Bundles and Spring Sale Encore!

The folks over at the site have some really awesome bundles and deals going on right now! There is something for everyone currently on their site.  

For those who like the Deep Silver Studios games, check out the Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2! With some awesome games like Saints Row 2, 3 and 4!  Also, for the zombie enthusiasts out there this bundle comes with Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition and Dead Island: Riptide.  There are different tiers you can pay for to get certain games or you can get them all for a low price of $13.00!

Capcom fans will be happy with the Humble Capcom Super Turbo HD Remix Bundle! Try saying that 10 times fast!  This bundle comes with some awesome games like Bionic Commando and Bionic Commando Rearmed for those nostalgic folks from the early Nintendo years.  This bundle also comes with a few different Resident Evil games for fans of that series.  Again, different tiers of pricing or pay what you want, or even unlock the entire bundle for $15

And finally to top it all off, the Humble Bundle Store is having an Encore Spring sale.  With huge discounts on many of the games on their store.  Head over to the Humble Bundle Store to check out the savings!

Let us know if you've purchased a Humble Bundle in the past or if you are planning on picking up one of the current ones being offered, in the comment section below!

Paragon: Free Beta Weekend!

The kind folks over at Epic Games have announced a Free Beta Weekend to give those who have not yet experienced the greatness that is Paragon a chance to play for free!

The Free Beta Test weekend is scheduled to take place starting May 26 through May 30th.  In order to to be eligible to participate, you will want to click on the "Beta Sign-Up" link on the Paragon website!

Remember that all of the Paragon Heroes are available to play for everyone.  There are some level requirements you need to reach for some of the heroes, but that's the only restriction on a new account.  Also, Paragon is cross platform, so if you have some friends who own a PS4, then you can have them sign up and play together!

For information, head on over to the Paragon announcement, sign up on their main page, and get ready to have an awesome time during the Free Beta Weekend!  

Dishonored 2 Release Date Announced!

Bethesda and Arkane Studios announced last year at E3 2015 that a sequel to the highly regarding Dishonored game was in the works simply called: Dishonored 2.  They had a E3 2015 trailer which you can see below and also announced that the sequel would now have the option of playing as its female main character by the name of Emily Kaldwin. 

The games prologue will first let you play as Emily, once your done with the prologue, the game will give you that chance to play the remainder of the game as Emily or as Corvo.   

A few days ago, Bethesda announced the official release date for Dishonored 2 would be November 11, 2016.  Bearing any delays, the game should be out before the holidays and ready to satisfy the action-adventure stealth game inch with a cool Victorian era background to it.  Let us know in the comment section below if you enjoyed playing the first Dishonored game and if you are looking forward to checking out its sequel Dishonored 2!

SaltLake Reviews: DOOM!

There are three video game featuring Space Marine's that I really think could be classified as “Famous”. Master Chief from HALO, Space Marines from StarCraft, and the granddaddy of them all, the man simply known as “DOOM Guy”. Originally released in 1993, DOOM has been the template for First Person Shooters (FPS) ever since. DOOM Guy has also been the standard template for Space Marines in video games. Non-talkative, deadly, always angry, and has no time for explanations.

DOOM has always been close to my heart as it was one of those games, I still continue to load into and play the original two. So when I was told there would be no early press reviews I was very scared that this game was not up to the task of fulfilling that nostalgic hole in my heart. This was only reinforced by the less than stellar multiplayer beta weeks before its official release. Though DOOM has and always will be a single player in my mind. The lack of early reviews forces me to quickly play through and not enjoy everything the game has to offer, and then make a review. This is not ideal for reviewers and critics.

Before we jump into the game, I want to reflect on something that game developers just simply skip over or make you go into a .ini and change to get what you want. That is the settings page, these options are just glorious. Native support for 21:9 is a huge bonus, but it gets better. Many games have v-sync on/off, DOOM offers V-sync on/off/adaptive so those of you running Nvidia’s G-Sync or AMD’s Free-Sync can easily use this option now instead of hoping that turning off v-sync is enough. They also show that they want to remain neutral in the hardware wars by simply calling it adaptive. There are so many options and the rank from Low, Medium, High, Ultra, and Nightmare. I am currently using my wife's computer, as I tore my computer apart to find a water leak, which has a i7 4790k and a GTX 980. I actually got an error saying that I couldn’t change a setting because it doesn’t have 5gb of VRAM, and that prevented me from doing so to prevent crashes. There is just so many options in the settings.

There are 5 difficulty settings, and normally I do reviews on medium difficulty and have a easy time doing so and taking screenshots. This game gave me trouble trying to stay alive and take a screenshot in the middle of action. Those that think games are getting too easy will be pleased on the difficulty I believe. Though I have not played at Ultra-Nightmare setting yet so I’m not sure what to expect on that difficulty.

DOOM starts off right with DOOM Guy waking up looking at a rune, and you can already tell he is angry. While other FPS games will start with 5 minutes of exposition of what happened, you start with a pistol and a kill count of 4 Possessed Ones within the  first 15 seconds. This instantly felt right, no backstory, no dialogue on the history of DOOM. You simply start enraged that hell is back, and start cracking skulls. I already had those warm fuzzies about this game. This strongly reminds me of the first games where literally you start in a unknown place and just start shooting baddies. The pistol was surprisingly weak and made me worried that they were trying to make it difficult by simply lower stats of your character and guns. This is not the case, only the starting pistol has infinite ammo and you get an instant upgrade in the form of a shotgun within the first 5 minutes of the game.

That isn’t to say there isn’t a storyline, there is. Usually it is done in very short time, to keep you in the mindset of crush and smash, there are instances of random holograms saying 3-4 sentences and then moving on. It gets the job done but it’s short, simple and to the point like any DOOM game should be. The story is light and the action is deep… in blood.

The graphics are outstanding, just look at the rock where behind the helmet, the runes are carved in but faded, the gloves have different textures between the wires, leather, metal and plastic pieces. Enemies are well designed and unique, they have a firm presence that they are from hell. These aren’t even the highest level of graphics, I can’t wait to see DOOM on my fixed computer.  Taking a look outside gives me chills out how the environment looks, constant wind moving the red sands and seeing research centers in the distance. The cliffs give a sense of danger at the ragged edges sticking out. These are some of the best graphics I’ve played in some time.

Another concern is that DOOM would censor a lot of the more bloody and gruesome aspects out of the game as the game's history has been a source of controversy. I am glad to report that this is not the case. The above picture is a once clean room after a single fight. Causing this much mayhem is an art form, and to make that much blood is a skill no one should have. The guts and gore are plenty and overfilling.  The animations during melee are very fast and were well implemented. Glory Kills to a demon when they are flashing after some damage reward you with health packs, thus allowing you to continually heals as you destroy the enemies in your path.

The secrets are no longer little tiny differences in wall details but levers and more puzzles that lead to anything from a unique weapon and armor upgrades to passage to the old style game that can be played later on from the main menu. This gives a unique twist on the secrets and Easter eggs, as before it was just a gun a level earlier or extra ammo/health packs. These secrets are well hidden and sometimes require to backtrack to find them, due to you doing something like turning on the power which opens a door. I can see people losing their minds finding all the secrets.

DOOM brings back my childhood in a morbid way. The gameplay is not just a scare game, or a boring FPS but a blend of both filled with lots and lots of violence. I highly recommend that anyone that played the old DOOMS or feel their mature enough to play this game to pick it up when it comes into your price range. It is a game if you buy you will not regret and are bound to have many many hours of fun hunting down secrets and punching demons in the head. I wouldn’t change a thing, the game feels right, it plays right, and it looks right. I always nitpick at things on all the games I play. Fallout 4 had aging graphics and awful graphic settings, ARK:Survival Evolved had repetitive game play. This has so many graphic settings it’s sure to bring a smile to your face, the graphics are awesome, and the gameplay is just a ton violence fun. This is easily a game of the year candidate already.


_Salt Lake


Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

The movie industry in the past has given us some some attempts at creating different films based on the popularity of a video game.  We all can probably remember some of the more popular ones like  Mortal Kombat, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, the Resident Evil series, and a couple of Hitman movies.  There are also some that we'd rather try and forget like the DOOM movie and Double Dragon movie.  Did you know that there was a Far Cry movie released back in 2008?  

I remember going to the movies to see Street Fighter:  The Legend of Chung Li.  I made it all the way through the movie but left feeling very disappointed.  As gamers we expect the movie industry to match the level of greatness behind the minds of the video game creators, story tellers and level designers.  Unfortunately, more times than not we are left with a sub par representation of what we enjoyed playing on the PC or console.  

Technology has taken leaps and bounds and it would seem now that we have the means and ability to create some great video game quality movies.  A few days ago, 20th Century Fox and Ubisoft announced the new Assassin's Creed movie.  I am a big fan of the video game series for their incredible story telling, epic level design and their historical content.  Check out the official Assassin's Creed trailer below! 

The movie is set during the Spanish Inquisition from what we can gather in the trailer.  The main character Callum Lynch who also plays his ancestor the assassin Aguilar.  Who is best know for his role as Magneto in the last few XMEN movies.  Through out the trailer you see scenes taken directly from the game, such as the Leap of Faith at the end,  the Eagle flying over the city representing Eagle vision, some Parkour moves we love from the game and the hidden blades.  The only part which I was slightly taken back with is the actual Animus device.  Instead of it being some VR machine with a pod like feel to it from the games, in the trailer we see it represented as a giant robotic arm.  It looks cool, and I'd have to wait till the movie comes out to actually see how it is used.  I am still optimistic about the Assassins Creed movie and definitely will be one of the many who will see it on its release day of 12.12.2016!
What are your thoughts on the Assassin's Creed trailer? Let us know about your early expectations.  Should you need something to tied you over till the movie comes out, the be sure to check out the play on the AC video game series starring some cute and deadly Assassin Kittens!


EVGA Fragfest Mayhem Gaming Event

EVGA Fragfest Mayhem Gaming Event

Do you like Mayhem? Fragging your friends? Winning great prizes? Then the EVGA Fragfest MAYhem event is for you! Get your friends together or meet new ones, just remember it’s frag or be fragged! Play on any EVGA Game Server for a chance to win some great prizes!

There are quite a few games for you to choose from, like Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2, and many others! All of this isn't only for fun and games, though. When you sign up for the EVGA Fragfest Mayhem Gaming Event and log into our servers between May 13, 2016 and May 27, 2016, you'll qualify for some really great prizes – all just for playing! Signing up is completely free and easy for anyone, regardless of where you live. We have lots of prizes to give away, so don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to play great games and win some quality products!

Qualifying for the event is very easy if you follow these simple steps. Sign up at the >> Event page << with either your Steam ID, BF4 soldier name, or all three if you feel like it. After that, all you have to do is log in and play anytime during May 13, 2016 4:00 PM Pacific to May 27, 2016 11:59:59 PM Pacific. Please don't forget to keep enjoying our servers after the event ends!

This is a global promotion and all are welcome to participate.

DOOM Official Launch Day!

Its Live!!!  May 12th was the official release date for the new and improved DOOM! Those who had pre-ordered the game were able to pre-download the 55GBs worth of awesome run and gun goodness! 

Many have already been playing and battling the forces of Hell!  If you didn't pre-order or haven't purchased the game yet,  head on over to Steam where you can pick it up for only 59.99 USD.

Check out the official DOOM launch day trailer down below and we'll see you on the fields of battle!

Sound off in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts on the game and if you have or will purchase DOOM!