Oculus Rift System Requirements Released

We have all seen and are familiar with the proposed consumer release design of the Oculus Rift, and we are all very impressed.  But the other questions that many have been asking is, what type of system/components will I need to run/use the Oculus Rift?

On May 15th, the Oculus team provided that exact information to the public via their Blog which you can read the full story >>here<<!

The most important information which everyone wants to know is what type of hardware is recommended for the full Rift experience:
NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
And will also require: 
Windows 7 SP1 or newer
2x USB 3.0 ports
HDMI 1.3 video output supporting a 297MHz clock via a direct output architecture

The blog post also makes mention that the development for OS X and Linux is on hold at the moment for them to be able to deliver the best consumer-level VR experience at launch on Windows.
Let us know what you think about the requirements for the Oculus Rift in the comment section below!

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For more information and details on the new promotion which just launched today, click >>Here<<!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where do I get my promotion code, if I did not buy my graphics card from the EVGA.com online store?
A. Since this is an NVIDIA sponsored promotion, if you purchased your card from a participating retailer, then they would provide you with a promotion code.

Q: I got my promotion code, now what do I do?
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How did you spend your ‘May the 4th Be With You" Day

I hope everyone had a great "May the 4th" and hope that you all had fun with your Star War related activities.  Whether it was going out and spreading the word of the Jedi or Sith, or if it was just spending the day going through a marathon viewing of the Star Wars movies.  What ever you did that day, we hope that the force was with you!

Some recent Star Wars news and information that is really cool, it appears that the Chrome clad Storm Trooper that we saw in the latest The Force Awakens trailer is called Captain Phasma.  Gwendoline Christie will be taking on the roll of Captain Phasma,  who plays Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones!  

Also check out the latest news on the Star Wars: Battlefront and DICE team went on to create the in game planet of Sullust, which you can read about >>Here<<!  Also, check out a few of their new background images you can download to use on your own desktop!

Let us know how you spent your May the 4th, and what you think about the new Star Wars trailer and Star Wars: Battlefront game progress, in the comments below!

Inside Riot Games

For those who have always wanted a sneak peak at a popular video game company and see if the work place would be as fun as you think it would.  Then the team over at Riot Games have given you the chance to check out their new office located on the end of West Los Angeles, California.  Fans of the popular League of Legends, rejoice and awe in the awesome work space that is Riot Games!  You can check out their article on their move to L.A. and a few images of the interior here!  

When entering,  Rioters (Riot Game employees) and visitors are greeted by screens showing off player created art.  A giant Annie and Tibbers statue stand guard just in case!  But, not to spoil all the awesomeness of the new digs at Riot Games,  click here to check out the rest of their article and for more images!!

Let us know what you think of the new Riot Games company space?  What it what you always thought it would look like working at at video game company?  Leave a comment in the section below!

Attack On Titan (Live-Action Movie)

With the popularity of Anime becoming more and more mainstream, such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, and more recently Sword Art Online.  The fact that many of these anime have crossed over from being Manga, to Anime, to Cosplay,  to Video games, and now many becoming Live-Action movies.  The popularity and exposure that they get is becoming more and more relevant to pop culture today.   

One example is the highly popular, Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), in which giant humanoid creatures called Titans, nearly wipe out humanity.  The remaining population take refuge in a concentric 3 walled city with massively high walls.  By comparison a Titan can reach up to 200 Feet in height.  The story begins, 100 years after the first attack, where these Titans appear once again to try and destroy of what remains of humanity.  

Attack On Titan, has been so popular as a Manga, that transformed into an Anime series which was also very popular.  Its had a few video game releases in the past,  and one upcoming release was just announce today May 1st, 2015 by a local California based publisher; Atlus.  They will be releasing Attack on Titan:  Humanity in Chain on May 12th, exclusively for the  Nintendo 3DS.  

Beyond the release of video games, there have been limited runs of attractions in Japan.  Like their Attack on Titan display at Universal Studios Japan.  Where they have life sized character displays of the heroes, and a display of actual life sized Titans in the theme park.  

For a few years now, there were rumors about a live-action anime or even a live-action movie about the Attack on Titan series.  These rumors were put to rest and the live-action movie was confirmed in development.  You can see the official trailer for the Attack on Titan movie below.   Let us know what you think about Anime reaching the big screen in a movie format?  Also, let us know what your favorite anime is in the comments down below!!

GeForce Garage and Calibrating your monitor

The folks over at Nvidia's Geforce Garage have been releasing informative and helpful guides.  They have a list of different guides ranging from Apprentice, Technician, Expert and Master levels.  Their latest offering is a guide on How to Calibrate your Monitor.  

With a list of steps to do before beginning to calibrate your monitor like Backing up your old settings, correcting your viewing position and free tools & tests to get you started.  For those higher end enthusiast, there are even recommendations on using professional color calibration tool and the advanced settings in the Nvidia control panel color adjustment section of the software. 

For a full read on the GeForce Garage article click here.  Also let us know if you've ever calibrated a monitor after purchasing it or if you just go with the out of the box settings, in the comments below.

Azeroth Armory - Forging Gorehowl

Tony Swatton (of Man at Arms) is a very well known and successful blacksmith who creates weapons and armor for movies, video games and commercials.  He was approached by Blizzard to bring the Gorehowl to life.  The Gorehowl axe is part of the WarCraft 3 lore, that belonged to the Iron Horde Warchief, Grommash Hellscream.  Grommash used the Gorehowl to strike the final blow against his enemy, Mannoroth.  An orc weapon the Gorehowl got its name from the sound it makes while it swung through the air.  

Check out the awesome blacksmith skill of Tony Swatton, and you can check out his other creations in the original Mat at Arms series on YouTube >here<!  

Let us know in the comments below what weapon or armor you would want to have Tony Swatton create for you!