EVGA 17th Anniversary Madness Sale!

The countdown has begun and we are here at EVGA are gearing up for our 17th Anniversary celebration!

We starting off with some amazing deals on select GTX 900 series graphics cards that are priced to sellout out fast!  So if you have been looking to buy that extra card to SLI or in need of a new graphics card for a second system, then you will want to check out the deals going on right now!

Anniversary Sale on select GTX 900 series cards!

Countdown to the EVGA 17th Anniversary Celebration!

Mafia 3 - E3 Teaser Trailer

Its been six years since the launch of last Mafia game; Mafia II.  The past few teasers and announcement regarding a new Mafia game were made official and even some of the gameplay was released during E3 2016 a few weeks ago. 

If you haven't seen it pop up on the social media site, Mafia III is the newest addition to the Mafia franchise.  With an open world concept and set in 1968 New Bordeaux, which is a reimagined version of New Orleans, the game is sure to please the die hard Mafia fans!

Check out the Mafia III: E3 2016 official Trailer down below: 

Also announced were some really cool bonus items that you get if you pre-order the game.  Check out the details found in the Mafia III: Family Kick-Back Trailer:
Given the popularity of 2K Games impressive list of open world games and the Mafia game franchise, Mafia III is set to make a big impact on fans who have waited so long for the next part of the series.  The list of pre-order bonus items if also impressive via the Family Kick-Back.   Be sure to head on over to the Mafia III site for more details and be on the look out for the October 7th, 2016 release date.  Let us know your thought on the game and if you will be picking up a copy for yourself, down in the comment section below!

Conan Exiles - Game Trailer

FunCom are the folks who brought us game such as The Secret World, Anarchy Online, and Age of Conan; are back at it with a new offering to video gaming masses called. Conan Exiles

Described as an open-world survival game, Conan Exiles has some very big shoes to fill with fans of the Conan franchise spanning multiple generations and looking for a game that delivers the story and excitement of the movies we grew up with.

Check out the Pre-Alpha Game trailer that was released by FunCom: 

At first glance, the game has lots of similarities with another game called ARK: Survival Evolved.  The graphics leave in Conan Exiles do leave a lot to be desired and the survival game concept has been done before but never in the Conan universe.  
I remember playing Age of Conan when it first was released, purchasing the collectors edition only to stop playing after a couple months due to the lack of end game content.  The graphics and character movement/skills looked a lot better than the current alpha gameplay of Conan Exiles.  But again, this is still in its pre-alpha phase and the game's Early Access is not slated to be available until January 2017.  
Graphics and story would be my main request to improve or focus on.  What do you think of the pre-alpha footage and the game's concept.  Let us know down in the comment section below. 

E3 2016: Electronic Entertainment Expo

Its that time of year again.... E3 2016 is taking over the Los Angeles Convention Center in California! 

By now you may have noticed all the social media outlets bombarding us with tons of news and updates on new games, consoles, tech and trailers being announced for future release.  This is the time of the year when we find out what is coming down the pipeline for new PC games as well.  

A few of the Team EVGA and EVGAGaming members will be heading out to LA and be at the show the next 3 days.  We will be bringing you some awesome first hand looks at what is being shown off!

Like every year E3 is an experience and to be able to attend is really awesome.  Open only to professionals in the Video Game and related industries, makes the event that much more exclusive.  So stay tuned for more updates in the next few days to follow! For details about the E3 event and some background head on over to the official site here!  

Also, let us know what you would like to see or what you are most excited to see from the show this year in the comment section below!

GOG Summer Sale is Live!

 Good Old Games or GOG.com's Summer 2016 Sale is now live!  Along with the awesome deals on some great games, the sale itself has a really cool twist/take on it.  

Along with the awesome deals on great games, the sale itself has an awesome twist on it.  You can earn some free games by earning XP.  XP is earned, adding games to your wishlist, sharing the sale on twitter, creating your own GoG.com account, and checking in each day! 

The sale will end on June 22 @ 6AM PST so head over to the GOG.com site to find out what games are on sale now and to earn some XP for free games!  Let us know down in the comment section below what games you are planning on picking up for this sale!   

Paragon: New Hero - Riktor

The folks over at Epic Games have been busy with Paragon!  Today begins their Free Beta Weekend and will conclude on May 30th!  If you haven't signed up to play yet, then head over to the Paragon site and do so and join in on all the First Person MOBA goodness!

Today also marks the announcement of a new Hero joining the game.  Riktor is being called a support tank with tons of power.  A cyborg with some amazing reach via his chain weapons which are tied to his arms.  

Make sure to check the announcement trailer below to check out some of the awesome Riktor moves, abilities and ultimate finisher which looks amazing.  

Hope everyone gets the opportunity to check out Paragon via the
Free Beta Weekend and stay tuned for the new Hero: Riktor coming May 31st!  Let us know in the comment section below if you will be playing during the Free Beta Weekend!

Star Wars, Music, Records, and Holograms?!?

Star Wars fans will like this!  If you enjoyed the John Williams’ soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens then you will surely want to pick up a set of the brand new 2 LP Hologram Vinyl Record set!

Featuring Millennium Falcon and TIE fighter holograms etched on the actual records themselves! The folks over at Walt Disney Records will release a double-gatefold, 2-LP set on 180-gram vinyl, and includes liner notes by director J.J. Abrams in a 16-page booklet.  With the records hand-etched by Tristan Duke.  

Check out feature video below!

The 2 LP set Pre-Order went live today May 25th, and will ship on on June 17.  For more details head on over to the Star Was Official New site.  You can pre-order now via the Disney Music Emporium or via Amazon (free shipping with Prime!)  So, thank you EVGA_Rob for telling me about this today and for making me spend some money!  I pre-ordered, will you?  Let us know down in the comment section below!