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EA gamescom press conference 2013

On August 20th, EA held their GamesCom press conference where they talked about new, up-coming titles releasing in the coming months.  The exciting lineup features triple A titles like Titanfall and Battlefield 4.  Below is a brief rundown of the some of the game titles that were presented.  For further info, check out the entire press conference here:   http://live-event.ea.com/gamescom/#

Sims 4:
  • New features in game and concentration on emotions
  • More control over how your Sim looks via a new click and drag system in the SIm creator screen
Commanded and Conquer:
  • Will be a Free live service
  • New content, Campaign mode which can be played alone or co-op
Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Open world setting
  •  You are the Inquisitor with moral choices of good and evil that will affect the game and story
  • You now have agents which you can send out and execute orders
Plant Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
  • You can now play as a zombie!
  • Classes include the Soldier, the All Star, the Engineer, and the Scientist
  • Boss Mode; control the Zombox (XBOX ONE exclusive) allows you control of the game as the Zomboss, RTS style!
Peggle 2:  Puzzle style game
  • Not a lot of information, just a quick video of game play
EA Sports UFC:
  • Will release Spring 2014
  • Uses the EA Sports Ignite Engine
  • Most Realistic Fighter likeness to date
Need for Speed Rivals:
  • No rules no Loyalties
  • All drive concept; blurs lines of single player, co-op, and multiplayer
  • Cops:  3 levels of progression
  • Ferrari 458 Spider back in the game after 7 year hiatus
  • Next Year is the 20th anniversary of Need for Speed
  • New game mode: Attrition
  •  You have to love the way you call your Titan :
    • "Your Titan is ready for launch.  Call it when ready!"
    • "Got it, standby for Titanfall"
  • Transition from character in/out of Titan; smooth, fluid, realistic
Flagship title for EA sports:  FIFA 14
  • FIFA on mobile devices will be free to play
  • FIFA World: free to play online pc game play for Russia and Brazil to start.
  • Listen for Captain Picard during video
  • 33 official Leagues
  • 600 authentic clubs
  • 16,000 real world players
  • Co-Op player ranked games online
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive "Legends"; players of the past will be accessible in game
  • BF4 Beta in Early October
  • "Levolution"  dynamic maps and set pieces during the game
  • Flooding, Buildings falling
  • Fire extinguisher to blind enemies
  • Car alarm to warn of incoming enemy
  • No two games are the same
  • New DLC and Early access with BF4 Premium
  • New mode discussed: Obliteration
  • 1 bomb spawns at 1 location and teams need to secure and move the bomb to the objective
  • New Amphibious vehicles
  • Oct 29 2013 release NA
  • Oct 31 2013 release EU
  • Next Gen soon after
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