Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc (Dev Diary)

The Devs over at Bungie and Activision talk about Destiny in their first ViDoc.  They give us more details that had not been revealed at E3, GamesCon, or PAX.  Below is a brief list of features discussed in the video (which you can check out below!)
  • Social Experience in an Action game
  • Character evolves over time
  • Revealed 3 weapon system
  • Assault Style Weapons
  • "In the Moment" Weapon
  • New "Heavy Slot" Weapon
  • Campaigns
  • Raids
  • Public events
  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • Adventures for everyone
  • Supers; the raw expression of power
  • Loot System
And for those who are interested in how they came up with the Fallen Captain character and the making of the Fallen Statue :
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