Want to free up some much needed SSD space?

Who doesn't want more space? Here are two easy ways to free up some of that precious SSD storage

**WARNING** You are solely responsible for any and all positive or harmful effects that result in usage and implementation of the following guide. EVGA is not responsible for any damages incurred through end user implementation of this guide.

1. Disabling hibernation will free up space equal to the size of your installed RAM capacity

Hibernation used to useful when HDDs were slow and boot time was over a minute on most systems. The hibernation feature in windows could save critical boot information to speed up the process when booting from a mechanical drive. Having a Solid State Drive makes this feature obsolete. To disable hibernation please do the following steps:

Click the Start button and type "cmd" into search

Right click the cmd application and select “Run as administrator”

In the command prompt window type powercfg –h off and press Enter

The hibernate.sys file that is used by the hibernation process will be then disabled and you will gain and free up space equal to the size of your installed RAM capacity

2. Decrease page file size, this will free up space about equal to the size of your installed RAM capacity

The pagefile helps when your system runs low on RAM because an application is taking too much memory, Windows moves the least used "pages" of memory out to a hidden file named pagefile.sys in the root of one of your drives to free up more RAM for the applications you are actually using. If your system has at least 6gb of RAM installed it is safe to decrease the pagefile size. If you meet the requirement, you can do the following steps:

Go to your start menu and right click Computer, then click Properties

In the left pane click Advanced system settings

In the window that opens click the Settings button in the Performance box and select the Advanced tab page

Click the Change button and select the drive where you page file currently is (by default C:)