Futuremark VR Benchmark in development

Futuremark, one of the top pc hardware benchmark companies is expanding on their popular 3DMark platform to VR. The Benchmarkin named simply as VRMark has been confirmed and is currently in development for a release date in 2015. 

The main goal of VRMark will be to test VR performance, latency and accuracy. Futuremark has partnered with UL to offer professional lab-based VR testing for both developers and consumers. VRMark is the first VR benchmark to be geared almost entirely towards developers.

The news of VRMark is well met with anticipation as the VR community grows. The new technologies developed by Futuremark will undoubtedly increase innovation and expand crucial tools to VR developers like never before.

To read further details about VRMark or to make sure you are kept up to date with future developments, make sure to check out the following link here.  Also let us know what you think about 3DMark expanding into the VR benchmark arena, down in the comment section below.

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