QUAKECON 2015 is upon us, taking place July 23-26, 2015 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas!  The festivities will kick off Thursday, July 23 at 1PM with a QuakeCon Welcome led by Tim Willits.  Tim is the creative director and former co-owner of video game developer id Software.  Who also worked on the original DOOM and Quake game titles. If you are not attending QuakeCon, then Bethesda has your back and you will be able to watch the welcome via their Twitch channel:  Twitch.TV/Bethesda.

You can check out the QuakeCon competitions with details here.  Now PC games is not all that will be at QuakeCon,  they will also feature tabletop gameplay to join in on and some possible tournaments as well.  

If any lucky readers out there are attending, then be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Pierce O'Sullivan

    7/22/2015 10:31:14 PM |


  • Yong Chen

    7/23/2015 12:37:03 AM |

    Looking forward to more Doom info.

  • Isaac Follett

    7/23/2015 6:04:05 AM |

    Will be very interesting to see what this event brings!

  • Sahin Atasoy

    7/23/2015 7:42:19 PM |

    Bethesda has some very exciting projects going on, hope to see more about them.

  • Amanda Tian

    7/24/2015 1:09:26 AM |

    Wish I could be there...

  • Momir Kovacevic

    7/24/2015 5:43:39 AM |

    Wish I was there.

  • Nicholas Fusco

    7/25/2015 5:27:44 PM |

    Even though I'm in Texas, it was still too far for me.  I'm dying for PAX to come back to SA though.  Last year was great.  Maybe one day I'll make it to Quake.

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