Killing Floor 2 Spotlight

With the revisions we are doing to our games servers, we are going to be adding Killing Floor 2. For those of you who have not played the game yet, it is a horde mode type game where you clear waves of zeds. Zeds are essentially zombies modified for combat. Each wave is harder than the last until the last wave where you fight a boss. There are currently 6 different perk classes to choose from that have different skill sets that are better suited for different situations, which encourages cooperation between teammates.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, but Tripwire considers it a very polished Beta. There are no game breaking bugs. It is considered an alpha because all of the content has not been released, so that they can better focus on the balance as they release the classes a few at a time.

The server we will be hosting is running Server Extension mod. This mod includes a kill messages, an improved scoreboard, and an RPG style perk system. With this custom perk system, you gain skill points with each level and you can choose which stats to improve or which abilities to gain. If you play on our server, you can monitor your stats on our stats page here. Feel free to drop in our server and you might even see me playing there too.

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  • Bunker Squirrel

    10/11/2015 11:04:55 AM |

    Do you have an ETA on when the server will be available? I have several friends just itching to rack up hours on there!

  • EVGA_Darrel

    10/11/2015 1:57:52 PM |

    Server is up already. I was just in there not too long ago, but I'm currently working on a gameplay video for the Battlefront beta.

    The server info should be on the EVGA Gaming site, but the server address is

    I have not figured out how to add servers by IP within the KF2 server browser, but I managed to join by adding it using the Steam server browser under View > Server, then right clicking on empty space under Favorites.

  • Bunker Squirrel

    10/12/2015 4:59:03 AM |

    I think I may have found a bug in your server AND a nifty little workaround.

    Both my friend and I have not been able to connect to your server through the Steam server browser, as seen below.
    As you can see, my Steam server browser does not recognize the server as online, and therefore won't try to connect to it. I decided to connect manually with the KF2 console...
    Success, ladies and gentlemen!

    As far as I know, there isn't a way to view the server IPs of any of the online servers in the browser, so I couldn't directly test to see if this was an isolated issue; however, THIS leads me to believe it's a bug in the game itself:
    All the killing floor 2 servers seem mysteriously absent....

    I look forward to seeing you and *hopefully* some new fellows in game sometime soon!


  • Bunker Squirrel

    10/12/2015 5:11:33 AM |

    To amend my previous post:
    This is an isolated issue. The kf2 server naming convention threw me off (significantly different than kf1)

    So, in summary:
    Your server is perfectly healthy, but it isn't recognized by the Steam Server browser, making it more difficult to connect to outside the game.

  • Adnan Popara

    10/16/2015 8:53:14 AM |

    I love this game, however, I am still very much committed to playing the original killing floor.

  • Luigi Castelli

    10/16/2015 2:36:50 PM |

    Help! I did has you said, but got "Server is not responding".
    Any other suggestions?

  • Luigi Castelli

    10/16/2015 2:39:03 PM |

    Bunker Squirrel,
    I did has you said and got Connection Lost.

  • Luigi Castelli

    10/16/2015 3:49:07 PM |

    Ok, I got in the server.
    Thanks Bunker Squirrel.
    See you game

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