Paragon: New Hero - Greystone

 Epic Games has been going strong with their First Person MOBA game:  Paragon!  Updates, and new heroes with the help of customer feedback and suggestions, the game has been improving and getting better with each update.

This week a new hero was released named Graystone!  A fighter class who will excel in the front lines along with other team mates to share in the glory! With skills like "Assault the Gates" you will be able to close the gap between you and the enemy, and using the "Make Way" skill to deal an area effect damage to those around you.  Equipped with a passive resistance bonus, Graystone can take the hits and dish them out.  The ultimate Graystone ability is using his "Reforged" skill, which will turn him into stone, just before the enemy thinks he's beaten you, and you respawn with a portion of health and full Mana to take out those who did you wrong!  

Check out the Graystone Overview trailer below to see these awesome abilities in action!

Along with the introduction of Graystone, there have been some updates to the Card Packs and some noticeable changes to the UI and some fixes, which you can read about on the Paragon Blog.
Let us know what you think of Graystone and the new UI down in the comment section below!

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  • André Mendes

    7/16/2016 9:22:21 AM |

    This is looking very nice, cant wait to get it!


  • Kermo Taimre

    7/18/2016 2:13:20 PM |

    Very nice!

  • Kermo Taimre

    7/18/2016 2:13:48 PM |

    Very nice!

  • Bao Pham

    7/18/2016 3:04:54 PM |

    It worth to wait right now.

  • Igor Usanov

    7/18/2016 4:04:03 PM |

    I like it this new hero. It's type of my style.

  • Zachary Kersey

    7/19/2016 3:53:31 PM |

    It looks alright. I just hope it doesn't fall victim to being pulled down because they're not popular.

  • Laura

    7/20/2016 5:51:43 PM |

    Looks very interesting

  • Jorge Carrillo

    7/21/2016 9:43:16 PM |


  • Jerome Divina

    7/22/2016 4:30:00 AM |

    Wow first person MOBA game, interesting!

  • Kenneth Salomon

    7/22/2016 5:39:31 AM |

    Been meaning to try this guy out. Going to make some time this weekend. Wish me luck

  • Iakovos Fotopoulos

    7/22/2016 6:50:25 AM |

    cant wait to try it!

  • Vitos

    7/22/2016 8:01:11 AM |

    I need try it badly!

  • Aleksandre Melikidze

    7/22/2016 2:03:48 PM |

    Looks great, gonna try it!

  • Michi Löwen

    7/22/2016 2:50:44 PM |

    That sword looks awesome! Gonna try the game out!

  • Francisco Javier Jodar

    7/23/2016 3:44:23 AM |

    This game looks awesome!! I need try it.

  • Kishin Ro

    7/23/2016 5:32:52 AM |

    I like the "Assault the Gates" skill, the "Make Way" skill and and the "Reforged" skill. It seems that a gamer with such skills would become much more powerful and stronger, hence be able to enjoy his or her experience.

  • Ray R

    7/25/2016 7:50:43 PM |

    Looks cool.

  • Michael Gutierrez

    7/29/2016 6:27:37 PM |

    This looks a lot like amore detailed version of Smite... hmmmm... I kinda liked Smite for a bit, might have to check this game out to see if I can get used to the control style for this kind of MOBA, more of a LoL player myself.

  • Valentin Dan

    7/29/2016 8:15:02 PM |

    That´s quite exciting. Remembers me that I´m free to check it out this Sunday Smile

  • Eric Gibbesch

    7/30/2016 4:10:46 AM |

    Looks cool

  • Eric Gibbesch

    7/30/2016 4:11:19 AM |

    Looks  cool

  • Randy Snider Jr.

    7/30/2016 1:12:11 PM |

    I'm looking forward to trying Paragon. It looks pretty awesome as far as the graphics go.

  • Chosenhack

    8/6/2016 8:55:53 AM |

    I play Smite from 1 years, but after the release of this game i will change... is very beauty game

  • RIccardo

    8/6/2016 9:19:49 AM |

    i played the game, is fantastic

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