Paragon Open Beta and New Hero - Narbash

Paragon officially went into its Free Open Beta on August 16th and is on a roll with all the new challengers that have gained access to the game!  With its unique gameplay and stunning graphics is now available for everyone to download and play as its been making waves in the current MOBA community!

I had the opportunity to have been part of the early access gameplay, and I can honestly tell you that the game is on par or better then the current MOBA offerings on the market!  Being able to play a fun game and having the graphics engine to process those amazing in game graphics is a win win in my book. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Paragon Open Beta Trailer below! 

Also, in accordance with Paragon teams promise, a new Hero has emerged and has been added into the game.  Introduced and added into the game on August 23rd, Narbash joins in the fight in the land of Agora.
As a Melee Caster and Support class, Narbash rallies his friends with buffs and specializes in crowd control.  Charging into the into the fight with the beats of war on his drum will strike fear in the enemy and inspire his team.  Although you do not want to get too close to his drum as his Thunk ability will stun you and smack you with his drum stick.  Trying to flee will prove pointless as his March ability provides him with a increase movement speed.  His Song of My People ability gran him a health regeneration buff, and if you are caught in his Ultimate Crash Bang Boom, you will find yourself affected by the slow AOE effect it will have on you and your team members that will finish you off with a devastating knockup to finish you off!
Narbash players will definitely march to the beat of his drums during gameplay.  Be sure to check out Narbash and all the other Heroes in the Paragon lineup by joining in on the Free Open Beta test going on right now!
See you in Agora!

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  • Carla M

    8/31/2016 12:28:20 AM |

    Have this! Haven't played it much yet, but seems interesting to check out!

  • Ahmed Showekh

    9/1/2016 3:30:44 AM |

    Great game Still alot to learn though

  • Jorge Mendez

    9/9/2016 7:59:10 PM |

    it looks nice, i will have to try

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