EVGA @ PAX West 2016!

It's September, which means it is time for PAX West! Stop by the EVGA Booth #6317 to check out the latest in graphics cards, motherboards and power supplies!

Another bonus is you can get a chance at winning some prizes and maybe even getting a free T-Shirt! Stop by the EVGA Booth to learn more details.

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EVGA Power Link!

Another bonus! Swing by the EVGA Booth to see EVGA Power Link in action, the one accessory that can drastically improve your cable management in seconds. Coming soon!


Want to see what PAX is all about? Check out our video from PAX South 2016!  

If your going to be at PAX West this weekend, make sure you stop by and say hello!!!

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  • Yannick Bourret

    9/2/2016 7:28:49 PM |

    I was really hoping to see you at the FanExpo in Toronto, Canada!

    Maybe in the future. This year, they have the live eSport. Neat to watch it in person. A lot of ROG hardware on display. Didn't see any EVGA products, yet.

  • George Thompson

    9/3/2016 5:23:20 AM |

    I so wish I could have made it out to PAX West!!! The powers that be need to start bringing events close to the Detroit Metro area!!!!

  • Mikhail

    9/3/2016 6:02:44 AM |

    Oh, the famous T-Rex! More than 500 visitors of EVGA Booth?) Bad for me, I can't be on that PAX. Frown

  • tolis626

    9/3/2016 7:08:33 AM |

    Man, I wish such conventions would also happen in Europe. Europeans are too "serious". Maybe I'll have to move to the US.

  • Edward Tavares

    9/3/2016 7:47:37 AM |

    Hope you had fun at PAX West. Wish I could be there!

  • Antonio Jimenez

    9/3/2016 10:23:34 AM |

    I hope you enjoy it, I wish I could be there too.

  • Cyril Delery

    9/3/2016 2:09:32 PM |

    Nice! It looks fun there Wink Unfortunately I'm too far away to come there :/

  • Jacob Hanson

    9/4/2016 9:39:02 AM |

    Wish I could be there this year! Have a great time.

  • Randy Snider Jr.

    9/7/2016 2:23:42 PM |

    PAXWest looked so awesome. I want to attend an event like this some day.

  • Kishin Ro

    9/11/2016 7:19:20 PM |

    Can't wait to ses the EVGA Power Link's colors.

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