Battlefield 1 Open Beta !


The Battlefield 1 Open Beta began on August 31st, keep in mind this is open beta! Everyone can try the game! I just had the opportunity to try it out last night and it was a blast! There are currently tons of people playing right now and it is so quick to find a match. You'll get to try out 2 games modes, Conquest and Rush.  If you aren't familiar with Origin, all you need to do is head over to their website, create an account and download their launcher. Once you have the launcher you can install the open beta. 



There is currently only one map you can play on right now and that is the Sinai Desert map. It's a fairly open desert map with some cliffs on one side of it. There is a train that runs through the populated area of the map allowing some neat destruction. My favorite pass-time currently is riding down players while on a horse, Game of Thrones style. The only complaint I have is that it takes longer to get on a horse than it does to get in a car, it should definitely be the other way around!

The gameplay is very smooth and as it should be for a AAA game. I haven't noticed any bugs in my 3-4 hours of playing. With my new EVGA GTX 1070 and my i7 4790K, I am getting around 120-130 FPS on ultra settings and 1080p. 

I highly doubt that they will be releasing a second map for us to test on but this map is great. If anyone would like to party up an play, you can add me on Origin. My Origin name is "hudsonrio". The end date for the beta is not currently set in stone, so just try it out while you have the chance. I would recommend everyone try out this game this weekend even if you haven't played a FPS shooter before, the timelime this is set in allows some extraordinary features. 



Here are the minimum requirements for this beta:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350
  • Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
  • DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Online Connection Requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
  • Hard-drive space: 10GB


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  • MaryAn

    9/3/2016 3:57:18 PM |

    I think I really need GTX 10xx card for this.

  • Seba

    9/3/2016 5:16:03 PM |

    Actually, with an OC'd 970 I get ~90-100FPS with ultra settings. And this is just a beta version.

  • Sebastian

    9/3/2016 5:18:33 PM |

    Actually, with an OC'd 970 I get ~90-100FPS with ultra settings. And this is just a beta version.

  • Santiago Ruiz

    9/3/2016 5:39:06 PM |

    Been building my very first gaming PC with this game in mind, really excited to see it in its entirety once it comes out officially!

  • Carlos

    9/3/2016 6:59:33 PM |

    waiting for this game so much

  • Kishin Ro

    9/3/2016 7:35:51 PM |

    I'm going to try both GTX 560Ti(1GB) and GTX 970(4GB) to see the difference between them.

  • Shahriar Faridi

    9/3/2016 8:52:18 PM |

    BF1 is really awesome Laughing
    Few glitches like vaulting and disappearing vehicles but I am sure that will be fixed in the main game

  • John D

    9/3/2016 11:38:09 PM |

    Well good news is i can't wait to play BF1! Bad news is my current gaming rig barely meets the minimum requirements. 🙁 need an upgrade

  • Charlie C

    9/4/2016 1:07:07 AM |

    Love how this game is different from the current fps games out there Laughing

  • Marko Golubicek

    9/4/2016 4:13:47 AM |

    need VGA :s

  • jose pousa gonzalez

    9/4/2016 7:17:01 AM |

    creo que necesitare actualizarme para poder jugarlo, de todas maneras es un juego increible

  • Ethan Todd

    9/4/2016 10:03:21 AM |

    Cant wait for this game!

  • Anggelo

    9/4/2016 10:29:40 AM |

    creo que me falta algo de disco duro para poder jugarlo T_T, muchos juegos

  • Berserkus

    9/4/2016 11:43:18 AM |

    Dont play betas, becaus too many bugs and this is not really funny.

  • Alan

    9/4/2016 5:36:19 PM |

    I already have over 20 hours on BF1, and I love the game so far.  Definitely a few bugs with audio counting off, a few crashes, and key binding issues though

  • MKT

    9/5/2016 12:44:29 AM |

    minimum requirements seems too much, btw seems worth it!

  • Mike N

    9/5/2016 1:20:04 AM |

    Enjoying the beta so far!

  • Robby Miller

    9/5/2016 11:32:20 AM |

    i need to upgrade....

  • Mr Fusion

    9/6/2016 5:56:25 PM |

    It's a cool game indeed. Graphics and sound design is awesome. I am kind of reserved on the current map size, the vehicle spawn system out of thin air with aircraft and not having the bases. Seems a bit like they are pulling a Battlefront on it.

  • Karl Sanchez

    9/7/2016 9:33:06 AM |

    This game is pretty cool. Nice change from the current day theme.

  • Ahmed Showekh

    9/7/2016 11:18:47 PM |

    I have tried the beta and it is sick

  • Serhat Cali

    9/7/2016 11:58:28 PM |

    Nice, iThis game is so amazing!

  • Myron

    9/9/2016 6:39:03 PM |

    Seems like my 2500 is the bottleneck for this game. Probably have to upgrade to a newer platform to go above medium at playable framerate.

  • Necip İhsan Ertem

    9/9/2016 7:11:12 PM |

    I wonder how good of a rig this game requires.

  • Azad SIDDIK

    9/9/2016 7:30:35 PM |

    cant wait to play this game ......problem is that i dont hav a high end gpu.

  • Andrew Javidfar

    9/9/2016 7:33:40 PM |

    I didnt get to play the BF1 Open beta, but i have very high expectations for it and hope my gtx 770 superclocked is enough to handle it!

  • Jorge Mendez

    9/9/2016 7:54:39 PM |

    I played with the GTX 670 and gave me 55 to 75 fps default settings and looks nice

  • Carla M

    9/9/2016 10:57:57 PM |

    Hmmmm....I played a little as well, until the servers gave up on me Tong looks good

  • Taimur Saleem

    9/10/2016 1:15:32 AM |


  • Andy Guevara

    9/10/2016 1:37:54 AM |

    My OC'd GTX 660 3GB did fine on default settings kept a good 40 to 60 fps in Conquest

  • Roumiana

    9/10/2016 2:26:50 AM |

    good beta

  • Jaka

    9/10/2016 4:58:44 AM |

    Fantastic game.

  • Lauan Sanches

    9/10/2016 5:38:02 AM |

    Got lvl 26 on Beta... really looking forward to this game!

  • Abdul Rahman Salam

    9/10/2016 8:25:33 AM |

    those horses are bullet proof

  • Branden Fobert

    9/10/2016 9:15:34 AM |

    Hopefully ill be playing this game with a GTX 10xx series gpu in the next few months..

  • Jason Barber

    9/10/2016 10:55:01 AM |

    I wish they would have left the beta open till this weekend. I missed the last couple days.


    9/10/2016 2:46:47 PM |

    This game is too much like an arcade game. It will have the same success like Battlefront... Hope they will develop Bad Company 3 and bring the success of battlefield back !

  • Arjun Anand

    9/11/2016 7:13:32 AM |

    I am super hyped for this but I am a bit afraid I might not be able to play it in all its glory. I am planning to setup a new gaming PC and then I would definitely check this out :

  • Alex crossland

    9/11/2016 12:33:45 PM |

    I'm going to need a new card for this.

  • Tobias K.

    9/15/2016 4:42:54 PM |

    Decent beta, ran fine most of the time on my 980, though with some hiccups once in a while...
    One thing I noticed was a big imbalance in tanks though, I could easily get 40+ kills in them without dying 95% of the time. But I guess it'll be changed for the final release.

  • Gwenael roulez

    2/24/2017 9:23:46 AM |

    Would you guys have a server for bf1?

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