Overwatch Upgrading Servers to 63Hz!


Blizzard is currently in the process of upgrading the Overwatch servers to run at 63Hz but what does this mean? If you are familiar with first-person shooter games then response time will mean a big thing to you. The servers used to be 21Hz meaning the servers were making 21 communications a second to everyone and back, moving the servers up to 63Hz means the servers and clients will communicate 3 times as much. Getting shot around a corner will be less likely to happen, you will not have to lead your shots as much and inputs will feel a lot more responsive. 



The servers were originally set at 21Hz to prevent any crashing when the servers were first launched. 63Hz has been available but only exclusive to Custom Games, the change of the servers won't be affecting the esports scene at all because they have been competing on 63Hz servers. It will change the experience for matchmaking players.

While you may not notice it as much in the beginning, I'm sure you will eventually. In the Counter-Strike: GO scene, the matchmaking servers are at 64Hz (or tick) but there are also premium servers that run at 128tick. These 128tick servers are the standard when it comes to competitive play. Higher tickrate usually means the skillcap is higher, this awards faster reaction. It would be very unlikely for a game like Overwatch, which implements abilities rather than just gunplay, to need a server running at 128Hz but hey, I'll take the 63Hz. Matchmaking in Overwatch should be a lot more enjoyable and snappy now.


What are you guys' thoughts on this change? Do you feel your play style will change at all? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Gerald Hefty

    9/10/2016 5:22:07 PM |

    Actually, a game like Overwatch benefits MORE from a higher tickrate than CS:GO does, due to the speed of the game being much higher. Really though, it's pretty ridiculous Blizzard and Valve don't offer 128tick servers in their matchmaking.

  • Neil George

    9/10/2016 7:13:04 PM |

    Still not bought this game worth it?

  • Alan T.

    9/10/2016 7:28:23 PM |

    Cool!  It's about time! Thanks for sharing!

  • EVGA_Hudson

    9/10/2016 11:23:26 PM |

    If you like a casual shooter it's great! Really fun if you're playing with a group of friends. You can also count on Blizzard to keep this game updated and fresh.

  • Randy Slade

    9/11/2016 12:07:43 AM |

    Wow, that's a pretty nice improvement! Good for Blizzard, and nice article here EVGA

  • Drew T

    9/11/2016 12:53:06 AM |

    60 tick servers actually rolled out a month ago, not sure why blizzard made the video so late.


  • Bo Pedersen

    9/11/2016 3:26:17 AM |

    This is the second time I have seen them improve the servers this way.
    A very welcome upgrade to the experience.

  • Cyril Delery

    9/11/2016 1:21:45 PM |

    Wow !! Nice news !! Smile

  • Ryan

    9/11/2016 3:07:43 PM |

    "casual shooter"?

    Overwatch is crazy competitive and isn't for the feint of heart. Roadhog's hook is still broken though and you get dragged through walls, so not much has changed.

  • Milan

    9/12/2016 1:00:31 AM |

    Great news. It's my most played game since the release, i really like it.

  • Mikhail

    9/12/2016 3:40:21 AM |

    What the technical difficulties to make all servrs run at 128Hz? Or 256Hz? Or 12KHz?

  • Cliunwolf

    9/12/2016 5:34:04 AM |

    Great news !

  • MadGodNerevar

    9/12/2016 1:56:12 PM |

    I keep looking at this game but still it doesn't pull me in enough, I guess I just can't find the right sort of people that I would want to play it with

  • Elland Jhann Ilustre

    9/12/2016 6:23:46 PM |

    Wow nice!

  • Joseph Lenhart

    9/13/2016 12:48:45 PM |

    Nice! Hopefully Overwatch can get a discount sometime so I might buy it! Right now I have too many games too play!

  • Randy Snider Jr.

    9/13/2016 3:52:39 PM |

    I'm extremely happy they upgraded the servers! Now i just need a good squad to team up with.

  • Robby Miller

    9/14/2016 2:33:57 PM |

    Yeah! Maybe I will start playing again! Tong

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