GeForce Experience 3.0 - 3x Faster, 50% Less Memory Usage and Giveaways?!


Just released last week was the new GeForce Experience 3.0, this new update will bring better optimization and some new features. The most noteworthy thing is the implementation of giveaways. Nvidia will be offering beta keys, game keys and hardware just for using the new GeForce experience. 

This new makeover will be a lot faster and easier to use. The previous renditions were slightly bulky and not 100% smooth. Nvidia has reduced the footprint of the program and it will now use less of your computers resources when active. As always, GeForece Experience will automatically adjust your game settings based on the hardware you have in your system and they have made this easier to use. You will now be able to optimize your games easily with a click of a button. 

Shadowplay has also been updated, you will be able to record games at up to 60fps, 4k and in windowed mode. These clips can be uploaded straight to media platforms so you can share them with your friends a lot sooner. You can even upload to Imgur without leaving the game "and let a friend jump into your game via Chrome to either watch, take control of your character, or play in co-op." 

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Have you guys had a chance to try out the new update yet? If so, what do you guys think of it? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Mikhail

    9/14/2016 4:57:56 AM |

    If only I'll have Nvidia card....

  • Wayne S

    9/14/2016 7:26:29 AM |

    So far I'm loving the new interface. I haven't noticed a performance difference, but I'm happy knowing they've improved the ridiculous memory consumption.

    My one gripe is that they've removed the LED Visualizer from the software, so that now requires a separate app.

  • Mark

    9/14/2016 10:15:54 AM |

    I'm liking the new interface and it seems more stable too.

  • Ryan

    9/14/2016 11:22:12 AM |

    GeForce Experience is so good. Like the new layout and overlay. Probably the best gaming software I've used to date.

  • Chris Vance

    9/14/2016 1:56:43 PM |

    I don't like the lack of options.  When I exit GFE through the task bar, it will automatically reload itself after a period of time.

  • Roberto Atienza

    9/20/2016 7:45:15 AM |

    Personally, I like it.  I kind of wish it worked better on my older computers that have old Nvidia products, but I'm happy with how well it keeps my gaming rig up to date.

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