11,000+ CS:GO Players on VAC-ation


Today is a good day for honest players and a horrid day for cheaters. Lately it seems that Valve has been cleaning up the streets. A few months ago Twitch prohibited non-csgo gameplay on streams, Valve cracked down hard on the online gambling phenomenon and very recently over 11,000 hackers have been banned by VAC. If you aren't too familiar with how VAC works, they usually gather information for delayed bans so it is harder for cheaters to catch on. 

The nice folks over at Kotaku were able to dig up some interactions from the cheat providers to their customers:

This is a good step towards fairer gaming but these cheat developers will also grow and adapt, it's just up to Valve's Anti-Cheat to stay on top of their game. I play a lot of CS:GO so this information is juicy to me, I love that Valve is at least attempting to keep their game from being infested by cheaters. 


Remember guys, cheating is no fun and you will be caught eventually. 


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  • Mikhail

    9/16/2016 3:31:24 AM |

    Cheats for kids. When you grow upyou realize that more interesting win in honest battle.

  • Ryan

    9/16/2016 6:31:33 AM |

    This is a start. We can build a wall and these bodies can be the beginning. Make PC FPS multiplayer great again!

  • Mr Fusion

    9/16/2016 7:34:01 PM |

    Most cheaters actually don't give a damn about a VAC. They know the risk. They use accounts with only CSGO on it and the game is cheap to buy again so they will be back doing it again with something else.
    Personally i don't have any good words for these people ruining a product. Sometimes towards the point i want to break a few bones, but that would not be civilized right.

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