Gear Up w/ EVGA: "IKONiK" Build by Envious Case Mods!

Case Mods, build logs, sponsorship's, sponsored by EVGA?  These are a PC builders dream goal, right?  Although many times it is difficult, there are those with the drive, passion and skills to follow their dreams and use their amazing skills and join the PC Mod community.

One such PC Modder is Calen; owner, operator, pc designer, and fabricator at Envious Case Mods!

"I've been fabricating and building things since I was a kid so I have enough tips and tricks to fill a book. I'm always trying out new ideas that I post about in my build logs as well; even if it's something I don't end up using in the build." - Calen - Envious Case Mods

Envious Case Mods was our June 2016 pick for the "Gear Up with EVGA" program (more on this a bit later).  We were very impressed with the submission from Envious Case Mods from his previous builds to his proposed new build that was submitted to us for consideration.  A tough decision to choose just one from a list of many entries but we are proud to be working with Envious Case Mods and Calen on his "IKONiK" build. You can find the "IKONiK build log along with many other EVGA customers builds under the EVGA Mod Rigs Forum!

Here is just a small look into what is sure to become an awe inspiring build which is "IKONiK"!

Just a sample of the concept images and recent updates and parts which you can find via the "IKONiK" build log on the EVGA Mod Rigs Forum section to his updates.  From modding to fabrication of unique parts, Envious Case Mods and the "IKONiK" build are set to be one awesome build.  

Another unique feature of the "IKONiK" build log are Calen's Pro Modder Tips in which he gives the community an insight general questions and inquiries that he's received through out his builds.  Giving back to the community and PC enthusiasts is one way to help out those who are season modders or those just starting out in the PC Modding community.  Definitely check out his Pro Modder Tips via his "IKONiK" build log and also be sure hit him if you have any questions!

"Inspiring others plays a huge role in why I do such detailed build logs. Pushing the boundaries and creating things ahead of trends is what really excites me as a professional modder." - Calen - Envious Case Mods

Be sure to also follow Envious Case Mods via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let him know how awesome his build is coming along!


Questions, questions, questions!  Now, I bet you all have many questions but the main ones may be...."What is the Gear Up program?" and "How do i submit my build idea?"

Well I have you covered on that end.  In our quest to see members of the EVGA community, EVGA customers and EVGA fans, bring their ideas and extreme builds to light, we started EVGA's custom case modding sponsorship program, which we like to call "Gear Up with EVGA"

Case Modders, builders, extreme enthusiasts and anyone with an awesome idea for a build that wants to take it to the next level is free to enter and submit your idea for a chance to be sponsored by EVGA via the "Gear Up with EVGA" program!

Have an awesome case mod or custom build in mind? Want a chance to be sponsored by EVGA?  Well then, head on over the the Gear Up with EVGA page to submit your entry for a chance to be sponsored!

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  • Gwenael R

    9/16/2016 6:22:54 PM |

    Looks amazing

  • Envious Mods

    9/18/2016 8:49:39 PM |

    Thanks Gwenael! I really appreciate it!

  • Roberto Atienza

    9/20/2016 7:51:29 AM |

    Great job on the mod Smile.  It looks fantastic!

  • Envious Mods

    9/20/2016 10:42:37 AM |

    Thank you very much Roberto. It still has a lot of work to go but, it's getting there.

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