Gear Up w/ EVGA: "BULGAR " Build by MadMods PC Modding!


Case modders, PC enthusiast, PC Gamers and EVGA Fans all around; gather around as we present to you another "Gear Up with EVGA" sponsored build and featured case modder!

We would like to introduce you all to Mickee of MadMods PC Modding from the Philippines!  Selected as our "Gear up with EVGA" case mod/build for the month of April 2016 and his build named "Bulgar"

"I am from the Philippines and I have been modding for about 3 years.   It all started with a hand me down small form factor PC that I wanted to game with.  But I couldn't just simply put it in a bigger case and add a graphics card because of it's proprietary form factor.  That is when a friend told me to check out PC case modding and the rest is history!"- Mikee


"I named it BULGAR which is a Filipino urban word for revealing" - Mikee

Mickee's case mod/build "Bulgar is an open case modular test bench adventure" and will surely change you perception of a traditional test bench once we get to see the end result. A traditional case keeps all your components enclosed and worry free, but being able to add/remove a part requires some work. A traditional test bench allows the user to freely add/remove parts to expand to break down the system with ease. Mikee is taking that concept and bumping it up to the next level of awesome!

"I love PC Case modding because of the fusion between technology and art, my previous builds were not too extravagant but everything was made by hand because I do not have a CnC, 3d Printer or a laser cutter." - Mikee

 "On this mod with EVGA I am going to step out of my comfort zone, it's safe to say that it's a "semi scratch build" because I have taken out most parts of the case and that is going to make it challenging and fun at the same time." - Mikee

You can see Mikee's starting point which is his Thermaltake X71 case stripped down and currently looks nothing like what it did before.  Keeping things old school without the use of a CnC, 3D printer or laser cutter sure does sound like a challenge.  We at EVGA are excited to see the progress thus far and can't wait for the final result of "Bulgar".  

As part chosen for the "Gear Up with EVGA" program and to help along Mikee with his build,  we sent him out some of our enthusiast grade parts to assist in the creation of "Bulgar."  Check out the awesome shots taken by Mikee below:

This has just been a small insight into the "Bulgar" build log by Mikee of MadMods PC Modding!  To keep up to date with the build, make sure you check out the "Bulgar" build log on the Mod Rigs section of the EVGA Forums.  And make sure to follow Mikee and MadMods PC Modding via his FaceBook page.  


"What is the Gear Up program?" and "How do i submit my build idea?"

Well we have you covered on that end.  In our quest to see members of the EVGA community, EVGA customers and EVGA fans, bring their ideas and extreme builds to light, we started EVGA's custom case modding sponsorship program, which we like to call "Gear Up with EVGA"

Case Modders, builders, extreme enthusiasts and anyone with an awesome idea for a build that wants to take it to the next level is free to enter and submit your idea for a chance to be sponsored by EVGA via the "Gear Up with EVGA" program!

Have an awesome case mod or custom build in mind? Want a chance to be sponsored by EVGA?  Well then, head on over the the Gear Up with EVGA page to submit your entry for a chance to be sponsored! 

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