EVGA's 18th Anniversary Steampunk Edition Celebration!

It's our 18th Anniversary and to celebrate, we are kicking it into high gear! We have 7 events this year to entertain you. All of them providing chances to win amazing prizes from EVGA and our sponsors! Don't wait, get started today! Head over to our event page: EVGA's 18th Anniversary Event to Enter!!


Scavenger Hunt: Throughout EVGA's Website you will search to find 10 Badges. When you find a Badge, simply click it to show 2 questions from our generous sponsors. To find the answers, click on the links to visit our partner's websites

Shadow Play: It is time to jump into the game and show us what you can do. We want to see your best gaming moments! Just use ShadowPlay* to record your video and upload it to YouTube! Check out the event for details!

Like and Win: A social media event, where you will like, subscribe, visit various Social Media sites for an entry to win some awesome prizes!

Gaming Event: For playing on our gaming servers, you will have a chance to win some amazing prizes! Sign up any time on or after July 14, 2017, then play on any of our game servers at any time between July 14, 2017 and July 31, 2017 to qualify. Check the site for details! 

Instagram Event: It's time to get those cogs cranking with EVGA's 18th Anniversary Instagram Event! Check out our Instagram for images of our latest products and enter to win at the same time! For details on how to enter head over to the event page!

Wallpaper contest: We love to see our talented EVGA Community get creative. Now is your chance to show us what you've got! Create a wallpaper themed around EVGA (must include the EVGA logo) for a chance to win some great prizes! All images in this contest will be shown below (as long as our terms and conditions are adhered to).

EVGA Commercial Contest!: Lights, Camera, Action! Create a 30 seconds (or less) commercial featuring EVGA for a chance to win some great prizes from EVGA and our Anniversary Sponsors! Let's see what you talented EVGA filmmakers can do (but remember to keep it clean!)

Head on over to EVGA's 18th Anniversary Event for more details and to enter the events!  Also be sure to check out our awesome system and product sponsors!

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  • Antonio Serrato

    7/19/2017 7:51:22 AM |

    This is a cool contest, I am having a blast playing on your guys control point server, but maybe can we have a payload server next time?

  • War'EL

    8/20/2017 10:35:48 PM |

    Felicitations to all of the event participant winners! Thank you, EVGA, for the many opportunities you give us enthusiasts and gamers ♥

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